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A Ready-Made Life

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Early Masters of Modern Korean Fiction
Chae Man-shik
Hyon Chin’gon , Na Tohyang , Yi Kiyong , Yom Sang-Seop , Yi T'ae-Jun , Kim Tong-in , Chu Yo-sŏp , Kim Tong-Ni , Kim Yujong , Yi Hyo-Sŏk , Yi Kwangsu , Ch'oe chŏnghŭi , Pak T'ae-wŏn , YI Sang , Hwang Soon-won
Kim Chong-un,Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton
University of Hawaii Press
Published Year

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Original Title
한국현대 초기작가 소설선: <레디메이드 인생>
Original Language


Romanization of Original
Hangukhyeondae chogijakga soseolseon <Redimeideu insaeng>

About the Author

  • Ch'ae Man-Sik
  • Birth : 1902 ~ 1950
  • Occupation : Novelist
  • First Name : Man-Sik
  • Family Name : Chae
  • Korean Name : 채만식
  • ISNI : 0000000108825128
  • Works : 29
About the Original Work
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  • English(English)

A Ready Made Life is the first volume of early modern Korean fiction to appear in English in the U.S. Written between 1921 and 1943, the sixteen stories are an excellent introduction to the riches of modern Korean fiction. They reveal a variety of settings, voices, styles, and thematic concerns, and the best of them, masterpieces written mainly in the mid-1930s, display an impressive artistic maturity. Included among these authors are Hwang Sun-won, modern Korea's greatest short story writer; Kim Tong-in, regarded by many as the author who best captures the essence of the Korean identity; Ch'ae Man-shik, a master of irony; Yi Sang, a prominent modernist; Kim Yu-jong, whose stories are marked by a unique blend of earthy humor and compassion; Yi Kwang-su and Kim Tong-ni, modernizers of the language of twentieth-century Korean fiction; and Yi Ki-yúng, Yi T'ae-jun, and Pak T'ae-won, three writers who migrated to North Korea shortly after Liberation in 1945 and whose works were subsequently banned in South Korea until democratization in the late 1980s.

One way of reading the stories, all of which were written during the Japanese occupation, is that beneath their often oppressive and gloomy surface lies an anticolonial subtext. They can also be read as a collective record of a people whose life choices were severely restricted, not just by colonization, but by education (either too little or too much, as the title story shows) and by a highly structured society that had little tolerance for those who overstepped its boundaries. Life was unremittingly onerous for many Koreans during this period, whatever their social background. In the stories, educated city folk fare little better than farmers and laborers.

Work List
Author Work name
Translation Korean Translation Korean
Hyon Chin’gon 현진건 A Society That Drives You to Drink 술 권하는 사회
Na To-hjang 나도향 The Lady Barber 여 이발사
Yi Kiyong 이기영 A Tale of Rats 쥐 이야기
YÓM SANG SÓP 염상섭 The Rotary Press 윤전기
Yi T'ae-Jun 이태준 An Idiot’s Delight 달밤
Ch'ae Man Shik 채만식 A Ready-Made Life 레디 메이드 인생
Kim Tong-in 김동인 The Photograph and the Letter 사진과 편지
Chu Yo-sŏp 주요섭 Mama and the Boarder 사랑 손님과 어머니
Kim Tongni 김동리 A Descendant of the Hwarang 화랑의 후예
Kim Yu jong 김유정 Wife 아내
Yi Hyo-sŏk 이효석 When the Buckwheat Blooms 메밀꽃 필 무렵
Yi Kwang-su 이광수 Mystery Woman 모르는 여인
Ch'oe chŏnghŭi 최정희 The Haunted House 흉가
Pak T'ae-wŏn 박태원 The Barbershop Boy 이발소의 소년
Yi Sang 이상 Phantom Illusion 환시기
Hwang Soon-Won 황순원 The Mule 노새

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