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This is a collection of data on various Korean literature events, exhibitions and education programs hosted by LTI Korea around the world.

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  • Institute Online
    Public Relations

    LTI Korea’s online and offline PR program is designed to enhance the institute’s international profile as a pivotal organization in introducing Korean literature worldwide. We promote our public role and responsibilities at home and abroad by various means: distributing press releases, holding press conferences, operating social media accounts, and producing a wide range of new content and materials such as annual reports and leaflets.

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  • Education Online
    LTI Korea Translation Academy

    LTI Korea Translation Academy was established in 2008 with the aim of cultivating the next generation of translators specializing in Korean literature or cultural content. As of 2021, the academy offers four courses: Regular Course, Special Course, Translation Atelier, and Advanced Course in Cultural Contents Translation. The curricula include practical translation workshops, translation workshops with authors, and cultural excursions.

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  • Conference Online
    Media translation symposium

    The Literature Translation Institute of Korea hosts a symposium for exchanges between the media content industry insiders, researchers, and translators. The symposium is held in two categories—film and webtoon. The first symposium was streamed live on the LTI Korea’s YouTube channel. The papers presented at the symposium have been compiled into a proceeding.

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  • Education Online
    Media translation contest

    The Media Translation Contest aims to raise interest in the translation of Korean content and discover new translators from among people around the world who enjoy Korean cultural content. It is held in two categories, film and webtoons, and each category awards a grand prize and excellence awards in three languages. The Media Translation Contest acts as a platform for connecting content translators, posting the translations that on the internet to enable industry insiders to compare and request translations from the translators. Website:

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  • Education
    Media translation academy

    The LTI Korea Translation Academy’s Media Translation Course is a course for training professional translators of Korean media contents. It provides an opportunity to Koreans and foreigners who are interested in Korean cultural content, including film, graphic novel (webtoon), TV drama, and animations, to gain knowledge and experience through practical translation training necessary for professional translators. In addition to the regular classes, the curriculum includes one special lecture a month by professionals in relevant fields, co-translation workshops with the author, and other events.

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  • Korean Literature Online
    Korean Diaspora Literature Exchange

    This project was launched in 2017 with the aim of expanding the foundation for the exchange of Korean literature and globalizing Korean literature by identifying and supporting Korean diaspora literature. LTI Korea has been striving to establish diaspora literature as a valuable asset of world literature through the support for multilingual translation of outstanding works of diaspora literature, production of sourcebooks on the history and current status of diaspora literature, hosting of exchange events between Korean and overseas writers, hosting of essay contests on works of overseas Korean writers, and production of digital contents related to works of diaspora literature.

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  • Literary Event Online
    Bilingual Readings

    Yeok-si(translated poetry) is a multilingual poetry reading which engages with both poets and translators. For this event, poems selected by poets are translated into various foreign languages. First launched in 2016 as part of “The Culture Day-Meet theAuthor”program, Yeok-si moved its location to the poetry bookstore Wit N Cynical in 2017. Then in 2019, it began reaching out to a wider readership across the country, taking place in 7 regions including Incheon and Gangwon Province. From 2020, new approaches such as online streaming of the readings, the review video of each event are introduced to bring more audience in diverse way.

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  • Literary Event Online
    Culture Day – A Meeting with Writer

    “Culture Day – A Meeting with Writer” is an event organized as part of the “Culture Day” initiative by the Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It was launched to strengthen the promotion of the Literature Institute of Korea in Korea and to expand opportunities for general Korean readers to learn about Korean literature. For each event, one writer was invited to give a lecture and answer questions from general readers and local residents who are interested in Korean literature.

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  • Book Fair
    London Book Fair

    The London Book Fair takes place every April in London, UK. It first began in 1971 as a modest event for publishers in the basement of The Berners Hotel in London. The 3-day program includes Market Focus, Author of the Day, and Tech Central. Along with the Frankfurt Book Fair—the largest book fair in the world—it is considered one of Europe’s two major book fairs. Official website:

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  • Book Fair
    Taipei International Book Exhibition

    The Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) takes place every February in Taipei, Taiwan. It was established in December 1987 at the National Central Library, and now serves as a platform for book sales and exhibitions, author talks, forums and performances. The 2018 TIBE was held for eleven days from Feb 6 to 11—with the participation of 684 publishers from 60 countries—and featured 1,180 events, which attracted 530,000 visitors. Korea participated as the Guest of Honor in 2020. Official website:

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