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This is a collection of data on various Korean literature events, exhibitions and education programs hosted by LTI Korea around the world.


_List Vol.24

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_List Vol.24
Transnationalism, Bok Geo-il, Bang Hyeon-seok, Yi Mun-yol, Yi Kwang-Su, Kim Young-ha, Kim Insuk, Kang Young-sook, Seo Hajin
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PDF/A Document
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LO-2-1-3 | LTI Korea Library
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  • English(English)
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The theme of _List Vol. 24 is “Transnationalism in Korean Literature.” Starting with this issue, _List has been revamped to include more works of Korean literature and current issues through a section on Featured Writers, relevant events, book reviews, and excerpts. This issue includes an interview with the Featured Writer Bok Geo-il, an essay on his world of works, as well as his works that have been published in Korea and abroad. In addition, it introduces LTI Korea’s projects, such as the 2014 London Book Fair, the 2014 Seoul International Writers’ Festival, and the Korean Literature Essay Contest, and analyzes the trend in the publishing industry. It also features reviews of nine translated works of Korean literature, translated excerpts from nine Korean fiction, and translations of three poems in English.

_List 24호의 주제는 '한국작가의 탈경계적 글쓰기'다. 24호부터는 특집작가 소개, 유관행사 소개, 북리뷰 및 작품게재로 기존구성에 비해 더욱 많은 한국문학 작품과 현황을 만나볼 수 있도록 개편됐다. 특집작가 복거일의 인터뷰와 작가론, 국내외 출간서를 비롯해 2014 런던북페어, 2014 서울국제작가축제, 한국문학 에세이 콘테스트 등 번역원의 유관사업에 대한 현황을 소개하며 출판계의 동향을 분석한다. 이외에도 9권의 번역서 리뷰, 9편의 소설작품 발췌, 3편의 시를 영문으로 번역하여 소개한다.