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Interview with Ha Seong-nan: Looking Behind the Closed Door

Interview with Ha Seong-nan: Looking Behind the Closed Door
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Interview with Ha Seong-nan: Looking Behind the Closed Door
Ha Seong-nan, Interview, Yoon Chi Kyu, AI, Translation, Bluebeard’s First Wife, social disasters, Flowers of Mold, The Star-Shaped Stain, Wafers, Daydreams of a River, The Taste of Summer, Why Did She Go to Suncheon?, Janet Hong
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KLN Vol. 61 includes an interview with the Featured Writer, Ha Seong-nan. Writer Yoon Chi Kyu, the interviewer, delves into various aspects of Ha Seong-nan’s various novels that have gained renewed attention through different channels and questions the points where the writer concentrated on during the translation process as well as the way the translator’s creativity and influences the author. Furthermore, the interview reflects on the significance of the power and messages that only fiction can offer in the contemporary era and encourages readers and writers alike to reevaluate their roles.

KLN 61호의 특집작가 하성란의 인터뷰다. 인터뷰어 윤치규 작가가 다양한 경로로 최근 재조명되고 있는 하성란 작가의 여러 소설들을 화두로 소설가에게 작품을 번역할 때에 집중했던 지점과 번역가의 창조성이 소설가에게 작용하는 의미에 대해 질문한다. 나아가 인터뷰는 소설만이 동시대에 주는 힘과 메시지의 의미에 대하여 고민하며 독자로서, 작가로서의 태도를 재정비한다.

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