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2020 Korean Literature Essay Contest in Japan

Tokyo/ JAPAN
March 01, 2020 to November 30, 2020
Program type
Host Korean
Host English
Descriptions - 2 Languages
  • English(English)
  • Korean(한국어)

The contest was held by the K-Book Promotion Association and publishers from March to November 2020. Participants were to read and write an essay on Sohn Won-pyung’s Almond, Baik Sou Linne’s Chamdamhan bit (참담한 빛 Wretched Light), Choi In-hun’s The Square, Pyun Hye Young’s Evening Proposal, Park Min-gyu’s Double Side A and B, Kim Hye-jin’s Jungangyeok (중앙역 Central Station), I Hyeon’s Geu yeoreumui Seoul (그 여름의 서울 Seoul That Summer), or Jeong Soyeon’s My Neighbor Younghee. Of the 23 participants, six (one first prize, one second prize, and four publisher prize winners) received awards.

2020년 3월부터 11월까지 K-BOOK 진흥회 및 각 출판사에 의해 개최되었다. 독후감 대회의 대상 작품은 손원평 『아몬드』, 백수린 『참담한 빛』, 최인훈 『광장』, 편혜영 『저녁의 구애』, 박민규 『더블 A, B』, 김혜진 『중앙역』, 이현 『그 여름의 서울』, 정소연 『옆집의 영희씨』로 총 23명이 신청하였으며 6명(최우수 1명, 우수 1명, 각 출판사상 4명)에게 시상되었다.

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