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  • Italian(Italiano) E-Book
    Kim-Ji Young, nata nel 1982

    ITALY / Cho Nam-joo / 조남주 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century

    Kim Ji-young, che è stata una normalissima bambina e adolescente, ora ha trent'anni, da un paio di anni è sposata e ha lasciato malvolentieri il lavoro per prendersi cura della sua bambina a tempo pieno. Un giorno, però, Ji-Young inizia a fingere di essere un'altra persona. Prima impersona sua madre, poi una vecchia compagna di scuola: non è uno scherzo, si immedesima completamente in loro, imitandone la voce e il pensiero in modo così perfetto che sembra quasi posseduta da un demone. All'inizio il marito liquida in fretta questi incidenti, ma la situazione peggiora e presto diventa chiaro che Ji-Young soffre di una sorta di disturbo mentale. Così le organizza sedute di terapia con uno psichiatra, che inizia a registrare la sua storia, che è poi la storia di tutte le donne: una storia di pregiudizi, di limitazioni, di accuse e di colpe attribuite gratuitamente; una storia di soprusi e di silenzi, di trattamenti differenziati – a scuola, a casa, nel lavoro; una storia in cui una donna è costretta a scegliere tra la carriera e la famiglia, in cui è sottoposta a severo giudizio qualunque cosa faccia e in cui la sua sofferenza – fisica e mentale – non conta mai davvero quanto quella degli altri, neppure per chi le vuole bene. Un romanzo crudo, ambizioso e straordinario, che offre uno sguardo onesto e senza veli sulla condizione delle donne nella società coreana, e non solo, e che racconta la misoginia attraverso la metafora spiazzante e radicale di una donna che, pur di essere finalmente libera, è costretta a perdere se stessa e la propria voce.

  • English(English) E-Book
    The Prisoner

    UNITED STATES / Hwang Sok yong / 황석영 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century

    In 1993, writer and democracy activist Hwang Sok-yong was sentenced to five years in the Seoul Detention Center upon his return to South Korea from North Korea, the country he had fled with his family as a child at the start of the Korean War. Already a dissident writer well-known for his part in the democracy movement of the 1980s, Hwang's imprisonment forced him to consider the many prisons to which he was subject—of thought, of writing, of Cold War nations, of the heart. In this capacious memoir, Hwang's life is set against the volatile political backdrop of modern Korea, a country subject to colonialism, Cold War division, a devastating war, decades of authoritarian dictatorships, a mass democratic uprising, and a still-lingering, painful division between North and South. The Prisoner moves between Hwang's imprisonment and scenes from his life—as a boy in Pyongyang and Seoul, as a young activist protesting South Korea's military dictatorships, as a soldier in the Vietnam War, as a dissident writer first traveling abroad—and in so doing, braids his extraordinary life into the dramatic revolutions and transformations of Korean society during the twentieth century.

  • German(Deutsch) E-Book
    Vertraute Welt

    GERMANY / Hwang Sok-yong / 황석영 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century

    Am Rand der südkoreanischen Metropole Seoul liegt die "Blumeninsel", eine gigantische Müllhalde, Lebensgrundlage und Wohnstätte einer Kolonie von Ausgestoßenen. Hier landet der Held des Romans, der 14-jährige "Glupschaug", zusammen mit seiner Mutter, für die sich ein in der Hackordnung weit oben stehender Müllhaldenbewohner interessiert. Dieser "Baron" ist für den Helden eine verhasste Stiefvaterfigur. Mit "Glatzfleck", dem Sohn des Barons, freundet sich "Glupschaug" jedoch an und lernt von ihm alles, was man zum Überleben wissen muss. "Vertraute Welt" ist eine Kritik an der modernen Wegwerfgesellschaft. Der Roman zeigt, was hinter dem raschen wirtschaftlichen Aufstieg eines Landes steckt, das Menschen ebenso aussondert wie Müll. Unverhofftes Opfer des zweifelhaften Fortschritts ist auch eine Bande altkoreanischer Kobolde, mit denen sich "Glupschaug" und "Glatzfleck" anfreunden. Für die beiden Jugendlichen wendet sich damit das Blatt, zumindest vorerst ... Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/6391557?cid=37224

  • Russian(Русский) E-Book

    RUSSIAN FEDERATION / Квон Ёсон / 권여선 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century

    «Дело об убийстве школьной красавицы» – так назвали трагический инцидент, случившийся шестнадцать лет назад. Тело старшеклассницы было найдено в парке. Под подозрение попали двое учеников старшей школы. Что произошло тем вечером? Герои этой истории долгие годы ищут ответ, строят планы мести и пытаются избавиться от чувства вины. Их навсегда связало ужасное событие, но никто из них не в силах увидеть полной картины. Одна из героинь, желая воскресить красоту погибшей, ложится под нож хирурга. Вторая не может справиться с ревностью к призраку из далекого прошлого. Третья становится невольным свидетелем растянувшейся на годы трагедии. Бывших подозреваемых преследует неумолимый рок. Найдут ли герои ответ на вопрос «кто убийца?» Будет ли это так же важно много лет спустя? Или, быть может, жизнь поставит перед ними другие вопросы? Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/6343061?cid=37224

  • English(English) E-Book
    I'm Waiting For You

    UNITED STATES / Kim Bo-yong / 김보영 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century  >  SF  >  Fantasy

    THE TIMES SCIENCE FICTION BOOK OF THE MONTH 'Her fiction is a breath-taking piece of a cinematic art ... powerful and graceful' – Bong Joon-ho, Oscar-winning director of Parasite 'Dazzling' – The Times A stunning collection of short fiction by one of South Korea's most treasured writers, available in English for the first time. In the title story, an engaged couple working in distant corners of the galaxy plan to arrive on Earth simultaneously and walk down the aisle together. But small incidents wreak havoc on their vast journeys, pushing the date of their wedding far into the future. As centuries pass on Earth and the land and climate change, one thing is constant: the desire of the lovers to be together. Through two pairs of interlinked stories stories, Kim explores the driving forces of humanity – love, hope, creation, destruction, and the very meaning of existence Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/5745337

  • English(English) E-Book

    UNITED STATES / Lee Soho / 이소호 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Poetry  >  21st century poetry

    Lee Soho's debut collection of poems is an experimental lyric bildungsroman that confronts dynamics of abuse as it challenges poetic form. Catcalling exposes and ridicules the violences that the speaker-protagonist Kyungjin encounters as she navigates a patriarchal world. Divided in to five formally distinct sections—ranging from lyric to prose poems to experimental mash-ups to concrete forms—the book begins in Kyungjin's childhood home as she recounts the haunting claustrophobia of verbal and psychological abuse, and follows her into the world as an emerging female poet navigating pervasive sexism in the era of Korea's own movement against sexual violence and the global #MeToo movement. Lee's poetry is reactive: reacting to a series of foils, but also initiating a kind of chemical reaction that introduces something radically new to a world that has such confining gender and artistic expectations for a young poet. Following in the footsteps of feminist Korean poets like Kim Hyesoon, Kim Yideum, and Choi Seung-ja, who have made their way to English audiences in recent years, Lee Soho emphatically heralds the arrival of the next generation. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/6062602

  • English(English) E-Book
    I'm Waiting For You

    UNITED STATES / Bo-yong Kim / 김보영 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century  >  SF  >  Fantasy

    "Her fiction is a breath-taking piece of a cinematic art itself. Reminiscent of the world we experienced in Matrix, Inception, and Dark City, still it leads us to this entirely original structure, which is a ground-breaking, mystic literary and cinematic experience. Indeed, powerful and graceful."—Bong Joon-ho, Oscar-winning director of Parasite In this mind-expanding work of speculative fiction, available in English for the first time, one of South Korea's most treasured writers explores the driving forces of humanity—love, hope, creation, destruction, and the very meaning of existence—in two pairs of thematically interconnected stories. Two worlds, four stories, infinite possibilities In "I'm Waiting for You" and "On My Way," an engaged couple coordinate their separate missions to distant corners of the galaxy to ensure—through relativity—they can arrive back on Earth simultaneously to make it down the aisle. But small incidents wreak havoc on space and time, driving their wedding date further away. As centuries on Earth pass and the land and climate change, one thing is constant: the desire of the lovers to be together. In two separate yet linked stories, Kim Bo-Young cleverly demonstrate the idea love that is timeless and hope springs eternal, despite seemingly insurmountable challenges and the deepest despair. In "The Prophet of Corruption" and "That One Life," humanity is viewed through the eyes of its creators: godlike beings for which everything on Earth—from the richest woman to a speck of dirt—is an extension of their will. When one of the creations questions the righteousness of this arrangement, it is deemed a perversion—a disease—that must be excised and cured. Yet the Prophet Naban, whose "child" is rebelling, isn't sure the rebellion is bad. What if that which is considered criminal is instead the natural order—and those who condemn it corrupt? Exploring the dichotomy between the philosophical and the corporeal, Kim ponders the fate of free-will, as he considers the most basic of questions: who am I? Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/5588966

  • English(English) E-Book
    Shoko's Smile

    UNITED STATES / Choi Eunyoung / 최은영 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century

    A bestselling and award-winning debut collection from one of South Korea's most prominent young writers. In crisp, unembellished prose, Eun-young Choi paints intimate portraits of the lives of young women in South Korea, balancing the personal with the political. In the title story, a fraught friendship between an exchange student and her host sister follows them from adolescence to adulthood. In "A Song from Afar," a young woman grapples with the death of her lover, traveling to Russia to search for information about the deceased. In "Secret," the parents of a teacher killed in the Sewol ferry sinking hide the news of her death from her grandmother. In the tradition of Sally Rooney, Banana Yoshimoto, and Marilynne Robinson—writers from different cultures who all take an unvarnished look at human relationships and the female experience—Choi Eunyoung is a writer to watch. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/5810032?cid=37224

  • Catalan(Català) E-Book

    MEXICO / Jeong-saeng Kwon / 권정생 / 2019 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  20th century

    Como parte la colección de literatura coreana contemporánea, Ediciones del Ermitaño publica el trabajo de uno de los escritores de libros infantiles más apreciados en Corea. Monsil, una de las muestras más representativas de la literatura infantil coreana, cuenta una historia ejemplar. La protagonista, una pequeña de siete años que padece enormes dificultades debido a la guerra, no entiende a los mayores cuando hablan del bien y del mal, pues juzgan muy a la ligera al prójimo. Ella no maldice y sí perdona a su madre, que abandonó a su padre para casarse con otro por hambre; no entiende por qué pelean los del norte y los del sur, si en ambos lados sufren la misma miseria; le molestan los comentarios malsanos de quienes se escandalizan de la madre que tuvo un bebé negro. Monsil piensa que hay una gran causa detrás de una pequeña desgracia. A pesar de llevar una vida muy difícil, de pobreza e injusticia, nunca alberga en su corazón rencor ni venganza, sino amor por su prójimo. Tampoco ha recibido ninguna educación formal, pero llega a entender lo verdadero y lo falso al aprender de sus vecinos. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/6036145?cid=37224

  • Catalan(Català) E-Book
    ¿Seguirá soñando?

    MEXICO / Wan Suh Park / 박완서 / 2019 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  20th century  >  1945-1999

    ¿Seguirá soñando? (1989) presenta persuasivos retratos de mujeres en una sociedad patriarcal y sus distintas actitudes. La protagonista, Mun-Kyong Cha, una mujer divorciada está marcada por el estigma del abandono,aunque vive bien gracias a que tiene una ocupación- es maestra- y su propia casa. Su vida se complica cuando establece relaciones con un viudo, y lo que parecía una segunda oportunidad para ser feliz, se convierte en el comienzo de su pesadilla: falsas promesas de matrimonio. embarazo, amenazas, despido, maledicencia. La madre del viudo dirige la vida de su hijo y consigue un buen partido; la nueva mujer, sin embargo, le da una hija, incapaz de continuar el nombre familiar, y entonces intentarán recuperar al hijo del que quisieron deshacerse por todos los medios. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/5979640?cid=37224