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  • German(Deutsch) E-Book
    Ein fliegender Vogel blickt nie zurück

    GERMANY / Shiva RYU / 류시화 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Essay  >  21st century

    Als ich noch jung war, stellte ich Fragen über das Leben. Fragen über Wahrheit und Erleuchtung, über Glück und Sinn des Lebens und darüber, wer ich bin. Heute verstehe ich, dass uns das Leben erst nach und nach die Antworten mitteilt. Ein Prozess, der Jahre dauert. Damals wusste ich das noch nicht. Ich wusste nicht, dass nur Erfahrung die Rätsel des Lebens lösen kann. Ich bereiste viele Länder und las Bücher, auf der Suche nach Lehrmeistern, doch es war das Leben selbst, das mich erleuchtete. Wir denken, wir machen eine Reise, dabei macht die Reise uns, indem sie uns formt. Die Geschichten, die ich in diesem Buch gesammelt habe, sind Antworten, die das Leben auf meine Fragen bereithielt. Mögen sie den Lesern Trost und Kraft in unsicheren Zeiten spenden. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/6683182?cid=37224

  • German(Deutsch) E-Book
    Setze keinen Punkt an die Stelle, an die Gott ein Komma gesetzt hat

    GERMANY / Lyu Sihwa / 류시화 / 2020 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Essay  >  21st century

    Koreas Bestsellerautor Shiva Ryu gewährt uns mit seiner wunderbar poetischen Sprache Eintritt in eine Welt voller Weisheit und Schönheit des Lebens. Seine Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse, die er auf der Suche nach einer Antwort auf die Frage "Was wollte das Leben mir sagen?" machen durfte, bilden die Grundlage für seine klugen Geschichten. Wer kann schon wissen, ob etwas für das Leben gut oder schlecht ist? Das Leben scheint uns gelegentlich auf einen Weg zu führen, der nicht Teil unseres Plans ist, doch dieser Weg ist der, nach dem sich unser Herz sehnt. Für den Kopf ist das zunächst nicht nachvollziehbar, aber für unser Herz durchaus. Das Buch ist eine Erinnerung daran, dass nichts auf der Welt ausschließlich schlecht sein kann und wir lernen können, das Gute im vermeintlich Schlechten zu erkennen. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/5512157?cid=37224

  • English(English) E-Book
    River of Fire and Other Stories

    UNITED STATES / Oh Jung-Hee / 오정희 / 2012 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  20th century  >  Short Story

    O Chonghui crafts historically-rooted yet timeless tales imagining core human experiences from a female point of view. Since her debut in 1968, she has formed a powerful challenge to the patriarchal literary establishment in Korea, and her work has invited rich comparisons with the achievements of Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Munro, and Virginia Woolf. These nine stories range from O Chonghui's first published work, in 1968, to one of her last publications, in 1994. Her early stories are compact, often chilling accounts of family dysfunction, reflecting the decline of traditional, agrarian economics and the rise of urban, industrial living. Later stories are more expansive, weaving eloquent, occasionally wistful reflections on lost love and tradition together with provocative explorations of sexuality and gender. O Chonghui makes use of flashbacks, interior monologues, and stream-of-consciousness in her narratives, developing themes of abandonment and loneliness in a carefully cultivated, dispassionate tone. O Chonghui's narrators stand in for the average individual, struggling to cope with emotional rootlessness and a yearning for permanence in family and society. Arguably the first female Korean fiction writer to follow Woolf's dictum to do away with the egoless, self-sacrificing “angel in the house," O Chonghui is a crucial figure in the history of modern Korean literature, one of the most astute observers of Korean society and the place of tradition within it. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/1272275?cid=37224

  • Russian(Русский) E-Book

    RUSSIAN FEDERATION / Чон Сэран / 정세랑 / 2021 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century  >  SF  >  Fantasy

    Медсестра Ан Ынён работает в школе М не так давно. Все это время она почему-то не стремится попасть в кружок местных сплетников, разузнать причину хромоты учителя иероглифики и гонять чаи с остальными учителями на переменах, как ее предшественница. Вместо этого девушка носит под медицинским халатом за поясом игрушечный пистолет и радужный пластиковый меч для борьбы со злыми духами. С самого детства Ынён видела мир не так, как другие: одинокие призраки в виде желе, жившие в стене ее дома или на детской площадке, следы эктоплазмы, оставшиеся от человеческих сожалений, безответной любви и внезапной смерти. Вооружившись положительной энергией, медсестра-заклинательница Ан Ынён вместе с учителем иероглифики, оказавшимся обладателем сильнейшего щита против духов, борется с различной нечистью, обосновавшейся в школе. Удастся ли им защитить детей? Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/6484244?cid=37224

  • Spanish(Español) E-Book
    Los Planificadores

    SPAIN / Un-su Kim / 김언수 / 2020 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century

    Los planificadores trabajan en la sombra para organizar crímenes que ejecutarán asesinos profesionales como Reseng. El joven, que ha crecido entre las paredes de una biblioteca y entre asesinos y conspiraciones, ha sido educado por un planificador al que llaman Viejo Mapache. Reseng cumple con su inevitable destino y se convierte en un asesino, hasta que rompe las reglas. Ahora solo le queda confiar en tres mujeres que trabajan por su cuenta y que han ideado su propio complot, pero ¿puede fiarse de ellas? Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/5239423?cid=37224

  • English(English) E-Book
    If You Leave Me

    UNITED KINGDOM / Crystal Hana Kim / Crystal Ha / 2018 / literature  >  English and American literatures

    An emotionally riveting debut novel about war, family, and forbidden love—the unforgettable saga of two ill-fated lovers in Korea and the heartbreaking choices they're forced to make in the years surrounding the civil war that still haunts us today. When the communist-backed army from the north invades her home, sixteen-year-old Haemi Lee, along with her widowed mother and ailing brother, is forced to flee to a refugee camp along the coast. For a few hours each night, she escapes her family's makeshift home and tragic circumstances with her childhood friend, Kyunghwan. Focused on finishing school, Kyunghwan doesn't realize his older and wealthier cousin, Jisoo, has his sights set on the beautiful and spirited Haemi—and is determined to marry her before joining the fight. But as Haemi becomes a wife, then a mother, her decision to forsake the boy she always loved for the security of her family sets off a dramatic saga that will have profound effects for generations to come. Richly told and deeply moving, If You Leave Me is a stunning portrait of war and refugee life, a passionate and timeless romance, and a heartrending exploration of one woman's longing for autonomy in a rapidly changing world. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/3631359?cid=37224

  • English(English) E-Book
    The Investigation

    UNITED KINGDOM / JUNG-MYUNG LEE / 이정명 / 2014 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century  >  Historical  >  Biographical  >  Political  >  Social

    Longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Fukuoka Prison, 1944. Beyond the prison walls the war rages; inside a man is found brutally murdered. Yuichi Watanabe, a young guard with a passion for reading, is ordered to investigate. The victim, Sugiyama - also a guard - was feared and despised throughout the prison and inquiries have barely begun when a powerful inmate confesses. But Watanabe is unconvinced; and as he interrogates both the suspect and Yun Dong-ju, a talented Korean poet, he begins to realise that the fearsome guard was not all he appeared to be . . . As Watanabe unravels Sugiyama's final months, he begins to discover what is really going on inside this dark and violent institution, which few inmates survive: a man who will stop at nothing to dig his way to freedom; a governor whose greed knows no limits; a little girl whose kite finds her an unlikely friend. And Yun Dong-ju - the poet whose works hold such beauty they can break the hardest of hearts. As the war moves towards its devastating close and bombs rain down upon the prison, Watanabe realises that he must find a way to protect Yun Dong-ju, no matter what it takes. This decision will lead the young guard back to the investigation - where he will discover a devastating truth . . . At once a captivating mystery and an epic lament for lost freedom and humanity in the darkest of times, The Investigation - inspired by a true story - is a sweeping, gripping tale perfect for fans of The Shadow of the Wind. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/1642535?cid=37224

  • English(English) E-Book
    Trees on a Slope

    UNITED STATES / Hwang Soon-Won / 황순원 / 2005 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  20th century  >  Historical  >  Biographical  >  Political  >  Social

    Hwang Sun-won (1915–2000) is one of modern Korea's masters of narrative prose. Trees on a Slope (1960) is his most accomplished novel—one of the few Korean novels to describe in detail the physical and psychological horrors of the Korean War. It is an assured, forceful depiction of three young soldiers in the South Korean army during the latter stages of the war: Hyŏnt'ae, the arrogant and overconfident squad leader; the stolid and dependable Yun-gu; and "the Poet" Tong-ho. The war affects the men in different ways. Before he can return home, Tong-ho takes his own life after shooting an officer and a prostitute. Hyŏn-t'ae, finding himself removed from situations of mortal danger, spends most of his time drinking; in the end he is arrested for abetting in the suicide of a young girl. Only Yun-gu is able to make the successful transition to postwar life. His ability to survive the encroachments of others, exploit limited resources, and capitalize on the lessons of harsh experience make him emblematic of Korea over the centuries. Trees on a Slope will introduce an English-reading audience to an important voice in modern Asian literature. Source : https://lti.overdrive.com/media/4005892?cid=37224

  • English(English) E-Book
    The Only Child

    UNITED KINGDOM / Mi-ae Seo / 서미애 / 2020 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  21st century  >  Detective  >  Adventure

    The Only Child is a shockingly unnerving psychological thriller from bestselling Korean author Mi-ae Seo 'An eerie, electrifying read.' Josh Malerman, New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box 'A chilling, nuanced examination of today's and tomorrow's serial killers and the families who spawned them, The Only Child is a valuable addition to the growing list of Korean crime fiction.' LA Times 'Fans of Mindhunter and Silence of the Lambs will love this dark, cognitive duel between psychologist and serial killer.' Jonathan Trigell, author of Boy A Criminal psychologist Seonkyeong has two new people in her life. A serial killer whose gruesome murders shook the world but who has steadfastly remained silent. Until now. A young, innocent looking stepdaughter from her husband's previous marriage, who unexpectedly turns up at the door after the sudden death of her grandparents. Both are unsettling. Both are deeply troubled. And both seem to want something from her. Can she work out just who is the victim in all of this? Before it's too late...

  • German(Deutsch) E-Book
    Als Mutter verschwand

    GERMANY / Kyung-sook Shin / 신경숙 / 2012 / literature  >  Korean Literature  >  Korean Fiction  >  20th century

    Sie wollte nur ihre erwachsenen Kinder in Seoul besuchen. Aber als sie mitihrem Mann am Hauptbahnhof in die überfüllte U-Bahn steigen will, passiertes: Mutter geht in der Menschenmenge verloren. Und sie bleibt spurlos verschwunden– obwohl die Familie natürlich alles tut, um sie zu finden. Die Suche zieht sich über Wochen und Monate hin und wird immer aussichtsloser. Dabei wird sowohl ihren Kindern als auch ihrem Mann zum ersten Malbewusst, was diese Frau für sie alle war – und vor allem, wer sie eigentlichwar. Ein hinreißender, anrührender, ganz und gar ungewöhnlicher Roman über Mütter und Kinder, über die Verwerfungen zwischen den Generationenund über die alles überbrückende Kraft der Liebe.