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We provide frequently asked questions and answers about the LIT Korea Library and the Digital Library of Korean Literature.

  • Using this Website How do I request lists of translated books in different languages?

    We offer a list translated books in each language to scholars and academics of Korean literature. Please send your request to

  • Using this Website How do I find statistical information on translated books?

    You can find statistics for each author, language and genre on our website (Bibliography>Translated Books>Statistics).

    Direct link:

  • Using this Website How do I borrow an e-book?

    You can access and borrow our e-books using your computer, tablet or mobile device anywhere. Please follow the instructions below:

    1) Connect to our e-book website ( by clicking on under ‘eLibrary’ (E-Resource

    2) Click ‘Sign in’, and log on as a member of the LTI Korea e-Library.

    3) Search for an e-book in our catalog, and click ‘borrow’ to get access to each title.

    4) E-books can be downloaded (in PDF and EPUB formats) or read in your browser. To access EPUB files, you must first download the EPUB program. Click the link below to download the EPUB program:

    5) To return e-books, click ‘Return Title’ (*loan period: 14 days).

  • Using this Website What is available on the LTI Korea e-Library?

    The LTI Korea e-Library collects various resources of Korean literature and makes them available online. The following content can be accessed:


    Korean Titles in Translation : Bibliographic information on Korean titles in translation published in multiple languages

    Book Reviews : Book reviews of translated Korean titles published in literary journals, magazines or blogs

    Book Proposals : Sample translation manuscripts and publication proposals of untranslated Korean titles

    ⟨Korean Writer⟩

    Korean Writers ABC List: Information on Korean writers listed in alphabetical order

    News from Abroad : International media coverage (news articles) of Korean literature International

    Events : Information on overseas literary events featuring Korean writers and their works


    E-books : E-books of Korean titles in translation, including LTI Korea’s 20th Century Korean Literature E-Book Series and works from New Writing from Korea, are available for borrowing.

    Videos : A collection of video clips of Korean authors, works and literary events

    Audios : A collection of audio files of Korean literature resources including readings


    Reports/Texts : Various texts and reports on Korean literature including articles and essays published in literary journals, program books from Korean literature events, information booklets on Korean writers, and collections of translation manuscripts from the LTI Korea Translation Academy

    Websites: A list of Korean literature related websites

    Newsletter: A monthly newsletter offering the latest information on Korean literature and new arrivals

    Translators : A list of translators of Korean literature and their works

    Publishers : A list of publishers of Korean literature in translation and previously published titles

  • E-book & Audiobook How to use e-books?

    TheDigital Library of Korean Literature offers a variety of e-books, Audiobooks and digital magazine services, which are available online to all our members.

    Please log in as a member of the Digital Library of Korean Literature to access our services.

    Go to Korean E-books (subscription)

    Go to E-books/Audiobooks (OverDrive)

    Go to Multilingual E-books (download)

    Go to Digital Magazine (KLN)






    Korean e-books (subscription)

    Korean Literature


    - 780 titles of Korean literature e-books

    - You may borrow up to 6 items for 14 days (can be extended once for 7 days).

    - Borrowed e-books are automatically returned at the end of their lending periods.

    * How to Use the Service

    - MY page -> Go to ‘Korean e-books’ (You must log in first.)

    - You may use mobile applications: [ECO E-book Viewer] iOS, Android.

    Multilingual e-books/audiobooks


    Korean Literature


    - 370 titles of translated Korean literary works

    - You may borrow up to 3 items for 14 days (can be extended once for 7 days)

    - You may reserve up to 3 items.

    - Borrowed e-books are automatically returned at the end of their lending periods.

    - Website:

    * How to Use the Service

    - Log in to the Digital Library of Korean Literature using your ID and password.

    - You may use mobile applications.

    - For further assistance, please visit:

    Multilingual e-books (download)

    Korean Literature


    - 160 titles of Korean classics, translated works, periodicals and sourcebooks

    - Website:

    * How to Use the Service

    - Click on the content thumbnail.

    Digital Magazine (Webzine)

    Korean Literature


    - 1 quarterly journal of Korean literature for overseas readers

    - Webzine format

    - Website:

    Digital Magazines




    - 11 digital magazines

    * How to Use the Service

    - The service is provided under ‘Digital Magazine’ on our website

    - Go to Digital Magazine Service