About the library


As the world’s only multilingual archive of Korean literature and related contents, the LTI Korea Library provides various types of resources from all over the world, including e-books and bibliographic information on translated Korean works, as well as introductory materials on Korean writers, and overseas press releases.

The Library, with its collection of translated Korean works across 41 languages, journals and magazines of Korean literature, dictionaries, and DVDs, is open to translators, academics, researchers, students of the Translation Academy, and the general public

Wall display of e-books with free access signs. Literature exhibition area with books on display and 'Literature without boundaries' sign.


  • 2001

    Beginning as the archive of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea

  • 2002

    Surveying and collecting translated books of Korean literature
    (received from the Underwood collection of Yonsei University)

  • 2003

    Establishing the website that provides
    the bibliographic data of Korea's translated literature

  • 2004

    Uploading texts video and voice contents on Korean literature on the webpage

  • 2005

    Receiving exhibited 'Books on Korea' and materials
    that introduce writers from the Frankfurt Book Fair

  • 2007

    LTI Korea Library opened

  • 2009

    E-library website opened

  • 2010

    Translated book sharing project started in Korea (it ended in 2011)

  • 2012

    Overseas Hub Library Members program launched

    Remodelling of library interior

    Classification of the library collections and development of list guidelines

  • 2013

    Book donation program at home and abroad was established and implemented

    LIBGuide began that is E-library English Web service

  • 2014

    Database for the names of Korean writers was established and provided

    E-library system and website was reorganized

  • 2015

    New E-library(Korean literature multilingual archive) website opened

  • 2020

    New E-library(Korean literature multilingual archive) website opened


  • Hub Library Membership
    and Donation Program

    Through our Hub Library Membership program, we have successfully established a global network of leading institutions and research centers around the world. In addition, by donating translated Korean titles to major libraries and institutes, we encourage the establishment of Korean literatures collections.

  • Supporting and
    Holding Exhibitions
    of Korean Works
    in Translation

    Using its multilingual content of Korean literature in translation, the Library holds special exhibitions both in and out of Korea. In addition, the Library provides various related exhibitions with resources on Korean literature. This way, we raise awareness of Korean literature among academics, overseas readers and the public, introducing them to the history of Korean literature in translation.

  • Official Database of
    Korean Writers' Names

    As part of our effort to promote Korean literature worldwide, the Library has complied a list of Korean writers' preferred romanized spellings of their names, so that for each writer, one spelling variant could be used for all publications. With the "Official Database of Korean Writers' Names", it is now possible to search for a writer using all possible spelling variants of his or her name, in any language of your choice.


  • Translated books in the field of Korean literature and culture/arts and original editions in Korean

  • Periodicals on Korean literature and translated publications

  • Language dictionaries and references on translation

  • Videos that introduce Korean literature to other countries in the world

  • DVD of original Korean literature, etc