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[Cover Feature] We Have to Protect the Future of All Life

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[Cover Feature] We Have to Protect the Future of All Life
CLi-Fi, Ecological Ethics, Love in the Age of Climate Change, Climate Crisis Awareness, Anti-capitalism
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This is a Cover Feature essay, along with the accompanying illustration, published in KLN Vol. 60. Under the title “We Have to Protect the Future of All Life,” literary critic Heo Hee criticizes the inadequacy of climate crisis prevention plans without a post-capitalist approach. He expresses hope that “cli-fi,” short for climate fiction, based on the ecological ethics of “non-violent, anti-capitalistic, and anti-hierarchical sentiments,” will contribute to transforming individuals’ sensitivity to climate change.

KLN 60호의 담론특집 에세이와 관련 일러스트다. “모든 생물의 미래를 지켜야 한다”는 주제로, 허희 평론가는 탈자본주의의 기조 없이는 기후 위기로 인한 파국을 막는 기획이 유명무실함을 지적하며, “비폭력, 탈자본, 반위계”의 속성을 갖는 생태학적 윤리에 기반한 Cli-Fi가 개개인의 기후 감수성을 변화시키는 일에 공헌할 것으로 기대한다.

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