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[Cover Feature] From Climate Change to Climate Grief

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[Cover Feature] From Climate Change to Climate Grief
Climate Change, Climate Grief, Antarctica, The Artic, Culture, Ecosystem, Greenland, Polar Bear, Penguin
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This is a Cover Feature essay, along with the accompanying illustration, published in KLN Vol. 60. Under the title “From Climate Change to Climate Grief,” researcher Won Young Lee writes about the changes to the ecologies and cultures of Antarctica and the Arctic brought on by the climate change based on his experience and research. Mentioning the emergence of “climate grief” among the indigenous people of Greenland, who have experienced the impacts of climate change most rapidly, Lee warns of the emotional loss and anxieties resulting from the climate crisis.

KLN 60호의 담론특집 에세이와 관련 일러스트다. “기후변화를 넘어 ‘기후슬픔’으로”라는 주제로 이원영 연구자는 기후 변화로 인해 변해가는 극지방의 생태와 문화를 경험과 연구에 기반하여 기술한다. 기후 변화를 가장 급격하게 겪은 그린란드 원주민들에게서 “기후슬픔”이 나타나고 있음을 언급하며, 기후변화가 가져올 정서적 상실감을 경고한다.

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