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[Cover Feature] The Distance of Hope

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[Cover Feature] The Distance of Hope
Park Hye-jin, Essay, Hope, Despair, Empathy, Isolation, Others, Future, Connect, Solidarity, Observe, Welcoming, Yun I-Hyeong, Winding Bandages, Lim Solah, Caring for Fruit Flies, Choi Eunyoung, Shoko’s Smile, Someone Who Cannot Hurt Me, Bright Night, Park Ji-young, Lonely Death Workshop
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English(English), Korean(한국어)
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This is a Cover Feature essay of KLN Vol. 57. Under the theme “The Distance of Hope: Arriving at Hope via Empathy,” literary critic Park Hye-jin examines the intricate relationship between hope and despair, as well as empathy and sympathy. Through an analysis of the works of Korean literature, such as Yun I-Hyeong’s Winding Bandages, Lim Solah’s “Caring for Fruit Flies,” Choi Eunyoung’s Shoko’s Smile, Someone Who Cannot Hurt Me, and Bright Night, and Park Ji-young’s Lonely Death Workshop, she explores the theme of hope portrayed through narratives of empathy and solidarity, and reflects on the contemporary literary trend of seeking ways for everyone to coexist.

KLN 57호 담론특집 에세이다. '희망의 거리: 희망은 공감을 통해'라는 주제로 박혜진 문학평론가는 희망과 절망, 동정과 공감 간의 연결성을 시사한다. 윤이형 작가의 『붕대감기』, 임솔아 작가의「초파리 돌보기」, 최은영 작가의『쇼코의 미소』 ,『내게 무해한 사람』,『밝은 밤』,박지영 작가의 『고독사 워크숍』 등 한국문학 작품 속 공감/연대 서사를 통해 그려낸 희망에 대해 다루며 개개인이 공존할 수 있는 방법을 모색하는 현대문학의 경향을 되짚는다.