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    KIM HYESOON et al / 김혜순 et al / 2019 / literature > Periodical

  • Hysteria
    English(English) Book

    Kim Yideum / 김이듬 / 2019 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Poetry > 21st century poetry

    Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. Edited by Joyelle McSweeney and Johannes Göransson. Translated by Jake Levine, Soeun Seo, and Hedgie Choi. Kim Yideum's second collection to appear in English continues to evoke the grotesqueries of her first work, while simultaneously delving further into the materiality of everyday life. Through an overflowing that echoes fellow feminist poet Kim Hyesoon, and a blunt, down to earth language that is unique to the poems, HYSTERIA rides through the surface of wage labor, patriarchy, and subsistence, proceeding through a variety of personas, human and otherwise, along an intensity that demands to be seen as it is, to be taken at face value.   Source :

  • Blood Sisters
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    Kim Yideum / 김이듬 / 2019 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

    Blood Sisters tells the story of Jeong Yeoul, a young Korean college student in the 1980's, when the memory of President Chun Doohwan's violent suppression of student demonstrations against martial law was still fresh. Yideum captures with raw honesty the sense of dread felt by many Korean women during this time as Jeong struggles in a swirl of misguided desires and hopelessness against a society distorted by competing ideologies, sexual violence, and cultural conservatism. Facing this helplessness, her impulse is to escape into the world of art. Blood Sisters is a vivid, powerful portrayal of a woman’s efforts to live an authentic life in the face of injustice.     source:

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    Kim Yideum et al / 김이듬 et al / 2017 / literature > Korean Literature > Complete Collection, Library > Complete Collection & Library (more than 2 writers)

    This collection brings together three of the most exciting voices in contemporary Korean poetry to the English language in translation. These three women poets shock and delight, entertain and de-familiarize, corrupt and contaminate traditional readings and stereotypical definitions of Asian women, Asian poetry, Asian-ness. While K-pop girl groups sell cuteness, marketing the female body as an object to be consumed by the male gaze, poems by these three women reveal how that manufactured cuteness is a state of acute deformity. If the male gaze strips the female body of significant social agency through a loss of authenticity or aura, these poets give us a world that shuts down the power behind that gaze. This tenth volume in the Asia Pacific Series from Vagabond Press presents three essential women's voices in contemporary world literature with a selection of work from Kim Yideum, Kim Haengsook & Kim Min Jeong and gives English-language readers new access to the hybridity of genre and style representative of Korea's ("Future Wave") poets.     source:

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    Kim Yideum / 김이듬 / 2015 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Poetry > 21st century poetry

    Poetry. Asian American Studies. Translated from the Korean by Ji yoon Lee, Don Mee Choi and Johannes Goransson. "Kim Yi-Deum's poetry is the landscape of confession. The confession flows inside the landscape and the landscape soars inside the confession. These two elements of her poetry are interconnected in the way eros gets pulled up to the divine place. Her poetry appears as poetry, it also appears as prose. As poetry, it's polyphonic, and as prose, it's defiant. Her poetry is the theater of multiple personality. You hear the voices of hundreds of people, hundreds of things. These naked living things become her poetic subjects. In each poem, the different sensations of each body are invented. She punishes herself and accepts her own unsightly, gutless face. Her poetry is engaged in the difficult process of discovering the other inside her. Her rhythm, which emerges from the fishnet of interconnections, bites power and sets her free." Kim Hyesoon"