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Online Screening of Videos and Lectures on Korean Literature

Taipei/ TAIWAN
November 01, 2020 to November 30, 2020
Program type
Literary Event
Host Korean
Host English
Descriptions - 2 Languages
  • English(English)
  • Korean(한국어)

From October to November 2020, TV show Miss Hammurabi, and films Memoir of a Murderer and Silenced were screened online, recording a total of 1,500 views. On November 5, 2020, an offline lecture titled “Taiwan-Korea Current Affairs X Writing Course ‘Fish excluded from Hallyu: Korean Literature Not Loved by Taiwan” was held by Azoth Books, which has published works of Kim Young-ha and Cho Nam-joo. Lectures on Korean literature were held as part of the event, and Kim Young-ha’s new book Yeohaeng-ui iyu (여행의 이유 The Reasons for Traveling) was introduced.

2020년 10월부터 11월까지 『미스 함무라비』,『살인자의 기억법』, 『도가니』의 온라인 영상 상영회가 게재되어 총 1,500회의 조회수를 기록했다. 2020년 11월 5일에 개최된 오프라인 강연회는 “대만-한국 시사X창작강좌|한류에서 빠져나간 물고기, 대만인이 사랑하지 않는 한국문학” 이라는 제목으로 소설가 김영하, 조남주 작품을 출간해온 만유자문화(漫遊者文化, Azoth Books)와 한국문학에 대한 강연 진행 및 신간 도서 『여행의 이유』가 소개되었다.

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