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Why Chinese readers are falling in love with Korean fiction – books adapted for K-dramas and movies, sci-fi, women’s literature, zombie thrillers

About the Author

  • Cho Nam-ju
  • Birth : 1978 ~ -
  • Occupation : Novelist
  • First Name : Nam-ju
  • Family Name : Cho
  • Korean Name : 조남주
  • ISNI : 0000000460558831
  • Works : 66
Descriptions - 1 Languages
  • English(English)

To gauge the popularity of contemporary Korean literature in China today, one need not look past Kim Cho-yeop’s short-story collection If We Cannot Move at the Speed of Light (2019). Published in Chinese in 2022, this year it won the Korean science fiction writer both the Chinese Nebula Award for Best Translated Work and the Galaxy Award for Most Popular Foreign Writer, an unprecedented achievement.

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