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Novels in the Age of One-Source Multi-Usage (Late 1990s-Today) | LIST

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  • Ji-Young Gong
  • Birth : 1963 ~ -
  • Occupation : Novelist
  • First Name : Ji-Young
  • Family Name : Gong
  • Korean Name : 공지영
  • ISNI : 0000000121485666
  • Works : 60
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Novels in the Age of One-Source Multi-Usage (Late 1990s-Today)   By Kang Yu-jung\ on Oct 28 2014 01:17:36 Vol.6 Winter 2009 In this age that we call the post-capitalism age, where art is diffused into as many different forms as possible and where art is transformed into a speculative commodity, at a time when the crisis of literature and the death of literature is constantly being discussed, ironically, the demand for novels as original stories for films is now greater than ever.     From the mid-90s up to now, out of the newly coined phrases to appear during this period, the most culturally relevant phrase, is probably “one-source multi-usage.” The phrase describes a phenomenon where one cultural item becomes reinterpreted and disseminated into different formats and genres. A good example: the play Yi was turned into a film, and the script for the play was used for the film version as well. Strictly speaking, this unfamiliar and foreign term is related to a process that is normally referred to as an adaptation. Adaptation usually involves a single process; for example, a play gets turned into a movie, or a novel is adapted into a film. On the other hand, with the phrase “one-source multiusage,” the focus is on the word “multi.” In other words, the idea is to disseminate a single artwork into as many different genres as possible. In this age of post-capitalism, where the value of cultural content is evaluated in term of investment and profit, it’s necessary to make the most out of a single source.

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