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About the Author

  • Choi In-ho
  • Birth : 1945 ~ 2013
  • Occupation : Novelist, Screenwriter
  • First Name : In-ho
  • Family Name : Choi
  • Korean Name : 최인호
  • ISNI : 0000000120176677
  • Works : 45
Descriptions - 1 Languages
  • English(English)

Kim Namcheon, Scenes from the Enlightenment (translated by Charles LaShure) Choi In-hun, The Square (translated by Kim Seong-kon) Ch’oe In-ho, Another Man’s City, (translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton) Hailji, The Republic of Uzupis, (translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton) Park Min-gyu, Pavane for a Dead Princess, (translated by Amber Hyun Jung Kim)   Despite South Korea having the kind of vibrant literary scene you’d expect from a country with one of the highest literacy rates in the world, we’re still not exactly inundated with English translations of South Korean fiction. Given this dearth, Dalkey Archive Press’s Library of Korean Literature series, twenty five titles published in collaboration with the Literary Translation Institute of Korea, was always going to be a welcome endeavor, though there are also niggling doubts: will the books stand on their own merits, or will they require some pre-existing knowledge of Korea to be properly appreciated? Is there some kind of cultural propaganda going on, a desire for “representativeness” that might have skewed the selection process?

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  • Spanish(Español) Book Available
    Los estándares coreanos
    Park Min-gyu / 박민규 / 2021
  • Czech(Český Jazyk) Book Available
    Pak Mingju / 박민규 / 2021
  • German(Deutsch) Book Available
    Kim Young Hee et al / 김영희 et al / 2021

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