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Dinner with Buffett


This <K-Fiction> Series represents the brightest of young imaginative voices in contemporary Korean fiction. Each issue consists of a wide range of outstanding contemporary Korean short stories that the editorial board of Asia carefully selects each season. These stories are then translated by professional Korean literature translators, all of whom take special care to faithfully convey the pieces' original tones and grace. We hope that, each and every season, these exceptional young Korean voices will delight and challenge all of you, our treasured readers both here and abroad. He's just wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants. "Sweat..." Debbie's voice tapered off. "Since he said he was staying nearby, I thought he was planning to go and change. But he said no. He said that he was comfortable in them, that they were his formal attire because he always wore them. Won't this be a problem?" Carrie asked. Debbie blinked. She felt she might need some more information to clarify her thoughts. Smith & Wollensky was a restaurant that had once had a whites-only policy. They'd once hung a No Dog and No Coloreds sign... But that had been a very long time ago.


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