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Free on the Inside: the life of a missionary POW


This is the unforgettable story of the life of Mang Eui-Soon. He died as a prisoner of war in an innocuous accident just hours before his release. He lived only twenty-six years and eight months but he impacted countless other lives. He was a man marked by God from childhood. He knew early on that he would be called to suffer but he didn't know where, how or why. This is a breath-taking story of how God used him as a POW to reach hundreds, perhaps, thousands, who might never have heard the good news of Jesus any other way, reaching the "least of these" for the glory of God. His story is an inspiration for everyone who, though we may never suffer in the way he suffered, are still called to experience harsh circumstances in our life that call us to deeply trust God and see God's hand in everything that happens. CONTENTS: Introduction: The Germination of a Seed Part One: A Seed Takes Root Unfailing Legacy A Kendo Incident Piano Performance . . . A Budding Relationship with Captain Yu Part Two: How Long, Oh Lord? The Communists Strike South Seoul in Turmoil . . . The Curse of Misunderstanding Part Three: My Cup Overflows POW Forced Confession . . . Lonely Pilgrimage




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