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Jaipur Literature Festival 2017

Jaipur/ INDIA
January 24, 2018 to January 29, 2018
Program type
Literary Event
Host Korean
Host English
Han Yujoo
Descriptions - 2 Languages
  • English(English)
  • Korean(한국어)

Jaipur Literature Festival 2017: Writer Han Yujoo was invited to the Jaipur Literature Festival, where she introduced herself and her new book that was translated into English, The Impossible Fairy Tale (published in May 2017). Han participated in the Jaipur Literature Festival as well as the Times LitFest Bengaluru to promote and hold public readings of excerpts from her book that was published in English. She also discussed the importance of translating minority languages and the value of literary translation as a medium that sparks discourse on culture and identity.

인도 자이푸르 문학축제에 초청된 한유주 작가를 파견해 작가 및 작가의 영문판 신간도서 '불가능한 동화(The Impossible Fairy Tale, 2017.5. 출간)'를 현지에 소개하였다. 한유주 작가는 인도 자이푸르 문학축제 및 더 타임 방갈로르 문학 축제 행사에 참가하여 한유주 작가의 영어권 출간 작품 홍보 및 낭독회를 개최하였고 문화와 정체성에 대한 담론을 촉발시키는 매개체로서의 문학 번역의 가치와 소수 언어 번역의 중요성에 대해 논의하였다.

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