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Kim Hoon: A Writer Who Writes with His Body | LIST

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Kim Hoon

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  • Kim Hoon
  • Birth : 1948 ~ -
  • Occupation : Novelist
  • First Name : Hoon
  • Family Name : Kim
  • Korean Name : 김훈
  • ISNI : 0000000081223011
  • Works : 14
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Kim Hoon: A Writer Who Writes with His Body   By Park Hae-hyun on Nov 21 2014 11:35:04 Vol.2 Winter 2008 He is a writer who strikes us as a tough warrior rather than as a frail scholar. He insists on writing longhand using only pencils, and huns automobiles in favor of tooling around on a bike. But most of all, he is the writer of an entirely new kind of historical novels in Korea. Kim Hoon writes in longhand, using pencils. He worked as a journalist for over 20 years before he started publishing novels, but strangely enough, he has never touched the keyboard of a typewriter or a computer. In this digital day and age, he insists on writing the analog way. Kim has always said, “When I write with pencils, I feel that my body is propelling the writing forward. I am incapable of writing a single line without this feeling.” To him, a pencil is not merely a tool for writing, but the embodiment of the writer himself. Kim Hoon uses his entire body to show the moment in which the body and the words of the writer become one to reveal that a writer’s style is, literally, none other than the writer himself. Kim Hoon calls himself a bicycle racer. He does not have a driver’s license. He journeyed to the southern part of the Korean peninsula riding his bike, which he named Pungryun, meaning “wheels of the wind,” and wrote a series of travel essays. He is a writer who rejects computers and writes with a pencil, a writer who shuns automobiles and troubles himself by stepping on the pedals of his bicycle. People now consider him an evangelist promoting bike riding as part of the green lifestyle that is being emphasized in Korea today.

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