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2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition Kim Young-ha Introductory Booklet

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2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition Kim Young-ha Introductory Booklet
2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition, Kim Young-ha, Diary of a Murderer
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This is an introductory booklet on novelist Kim Young-ha, produced for the Taipei International Book Exhibition Korea Guest of Honor Program. Kim Young-ha was one of the five Korean writers who participated in the Guest of Honor Program. He was selected as a delegate for the purpose of promoting his four titles published in Taiwan. The Korea Guest of Honor Program was co-organized by the Literature Translation of Korea, the Korean Publishers Association, and Taipei Book Fair Foundation. This 20-page booklet consists of: “About the Author”, “Review”, “Excerpts”, and “Bibliography”. Professor Choi Malsoon from National Chengchi University wrote the review. Kim Young-ha’s novel Diary of a Murderer, introduced in the booklet, was published in Taiwan in 2018.

타이베이 국제도서전 한국 주빈국 문학행사를 위해 제작한 소설가 김영하의 작가소개자료이다. 작가는 주빈국 행사에 참여한 한국작가 5인 중 하나로, 대만에서 출간된 작품 4종의 홍보를 위해 참가작가로 선정되었다. 전체 주빈국 행사는 번역원, 대한출판문화협회, 대만 문화부 산하 타이베이도서전기금회가 함께 기획했다. 총 20 페이지로 구성된 이 자료는 ‘작가약력’ ‘평론’ ‘발췌작품’‘서지’로 구성되어있다. 이 자료집의 평론 작성은 최말순 대만 국립정치대 교수가 담당했다. 이 자료집에 소개된 『살인자의 기억법』은 2018년 대만에서 출간되었다.