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2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition: Sohn Won-pyung Introductory Booklet

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2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition: Sohn Won-pyung Introductory Booklet
2020 Taipei International Book Exhibition, Sohn Won-pyung
Event > Book Fair > International Book Fair (Overseas)
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This is an introductory booklet on novelist Sohn Won-pyung, produced for the Taipei International Book Exhibition Korea Guest of Honor Program. Sohn Won-pyung was one of the five Korean writers who participated in the Guest of Honor Program. She was selected as a delegate for the purpose of publishing and promoting her work in Taiwan. The Korea Guest of Honor Program was co-organized by the Literature Translation of Korea, the Korean Publishers Association, and Taipei Book Fair Foundation. This 20-page booklet consists of: “About the Author”, “Essay”, “Excerpts”, and “Bibliography”. The booklet was put together by the LTI Korea and the Korean Publishers Association was in charge of translation. The excerpts are taken from Counterattack of the Thirty and Almond—published in Taiwan in 2019 and 2018 respectively.

타이베이 국제도서전 한국 주빈국 문학행사를 위해 제작한 소설가 손원평의 작가소개자료이다. 작가는 주빈국 행사에 참여한 한국작가 5인 중 하나로, 작품의 대만 출간 및 홍보를 위해 참가작가로 선정되었다. 전체 주빈국 행사는 번역원, 대한출판문화협회, 대만 문화부 산하 타이베이도서전기금회가 함께 기획했다. 총 20 페이지로 구성된 이 자료는 ‘작가약력’ ‘에세이’ ‘발췌작품’‘서지’로 구성되어있다. 이 자료집의 작성은 번역원이, 번역은 대한출판문화협회가 담당했다. 자료집의 발췌작품<서른의 반격>과<아몬드>는 각각 2019년과 2018년에 대만에서 출간되었다.