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Inah has been having nightmares. Nightmares of fish bones, fractals, and a marriage that ended under some unnamed violence. Walking the night streets with a man she has known for years, whose feelings for her are bound up with his intense longing to live as a woman, the fragile bond of their relationship threatens to shatter. Internationally acclaimed author Han Kang directs her unflinching gaze on the painful complexities of damage and recovery, questioning what it is we want from ourselves and each other, and whether there are some things that are truly irreparable.

New from Strangers Press, the people who brought you Keshiki, comes their next exciting global collaboration Yeoyu new writing from Korea, a series of eight exquisitely designed chapbooks showcasing some of the best writers writing in Korean today, translated by a team of hugely talented expert translators from across the globe. The series features work from famous names such as Han Kang alongside relative newcomers to an English audience and was selected in collaboration with translation trailblazer and Man BookerInternational Prize winner, Deborah Smith.


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