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Jeong You Jeong

  • Birth
    1966 ~
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  • First Name
    You Jeong
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  • Jeong You Jeong is one of the most popular women writers of the 2010s.[2] As one review praises her as a writer with "intense strength for storytelling, and narrative voice that pushes her readers to the edge,"[3] Jeong You Jeong's characteristic is in her genre material, and her ability to combine sentences that accurately depict human mentality. Her books include Shoot Me in the Heart (내 심장을 쏴라), a book about youths wanting to escape a mental hospital in search for freedom; Chilnyeonui bam (7년의 밤 Seven Years of Darkness), a book about the story of a father who was forced to become a murderer, and a boy who grows up as the son of the murderer; 28,[4] a book about the end of the world brought about by a waterborne epidemic; and Jong-ui Giwon (종의 기원 The Origin of Species), a book that documents the inner side of a psychopathic killer.


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