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  • Han Yujoo
  • Birth : 1982 ~ -
  • Occupation : Novelist
  • First Name : Yujoo
  • Family Name : Han
  • Korean Name : 한유주
  • ISNI : 0000000073346927
  • Works : 10
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The Impossible Fairy Tale, by Han Yujoo, translated from the Korean by Janet Hong (Graywolf). This début novel sketches the barbaric politics of elementary school with terrifying clarity: loyalties won and dissolved over hair ties, the instinctive violence of small humans barely cognizant of consequence or remorse. In the novel’s second half, a girl, known only as The Child, whose mother adds to the schoolyard cruelties by beating her and leaving her unfed, begins to pay menacing visits to Yujoo’s writerly alter ego, demanding to know why she was forced to inhabit such a macabre story. “It was your plan to have me atone for the sins I didn’t even commit,” The Child accuses. The narrative turn is both exuberantly postmodern and in dead earnest, questioning the use of suffering as an aesthetic device

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