We provide LTI Korea’s publications on Korean writers (available in multiple languages).

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  • KLN(Korean Literature Now) Vol.50
    English(English) Publication

    2020-12-01 / II00000320

    The 50th issue of Korean Literature Now (KLN), a magazine that aims to introduce Korean writers and literature to readers and the publishing industries all around the world, was designed as a special issue. Featuring conversations between writers from Korea and from different countries, conversations between writers and their translators, as well as perspectives of five writers who are also active translators, this issue looks at Korean literature and translation from various angles.

  • Brochure for the Seoul International Writers’ Festival 2019
    Korean(한국어) Publication

    2019-09-01 / II00000539

    This is the brochure for the Seoul International Writers’ Festival 2019. The Seoul International Writers’ Festival 2019 was held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from October 5 to 13, 2019. A total of 31 writers from Korea and abroad participated in the festival, along with an audience of 1,482 people. The brochure consists of a greeting, an overview of the festival, and the program of events.

  • 2014 Guadalajara International Book Fair: Author Bae Su-ah Introductory Booklet
    Spanish(Español) Publication

    2014-11-07 / II00000270

    This is an introductory booklet on novelist Bae Su-ah, produced for literary events at the Guadalajara International Book Fair and a nearby university Guadalajara International Book Fair. Bae Su-ah participated in literary events at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, CECYTEJ, and N°26 Secondary School between November 28 and December 7—where she introduced her work Sunday Sukiyaki Restaurant. The events were co-organized by Bajolaluna, the publisher of the Spanish translation of Sunday Sukiyaki Restaurant. From March to December, 2014, students at University of Guadalajara and Autonomous University of Nayarit were invited to participate in a Korean literature essay contest, and Bae Su-ah attended the award ceremony on December 1. This 41-page booklet consists of: “About the Author’s Literary World”, “About the Work”, “Excerpt”, “Essay”, “Criticism”, “Biography” and “Bibliography”.

  • 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair: Author Bae Su-ah Introductory Booklet
    German(Deutsch) Publication

    2005-10-19 / II00000057

    This is an introductory booklet on Bae Su-ah, produced for the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair, where Korea participated as the Guest of Honor for the first time and hosted the Korean Literature Tour Program. The author was one of the 62 delegates selected by LTI Korea’s Delegation Selection Committee on the basis of the following criteria: representativeness, existing publications of translated works, and overseas marketability. The entire literature program was co-organized by the LTI Korea, the Frankfurt Book Fair Organizing Committee, Daesan Cultural Foundation, Paradise Cultural Foundation and the International Communication Foundation (ICF). The events started at the Leipzig Book Fair in March and finished with the Guest of Honor Program in October. Bae Su-ah participated in literary events in June and September and then in the main program in October. This 25-page booklet consists of: ‘Author’s Literary World’, ‘Analysis of A Pack of Black Wolves’, ‘Excerpt’, ‘Voices of the Author and Critics’, ‘Biography’ and ‘Bibliography’. The material was put together and analyzed by Jeong Yeo-wool, and translated by Chu Geum-hwan. The photographs were taken by Han Young-hee. Bae Su-ah participated in literary events in Wien, Munich (June), Berlin (September), and Frankfurt—the Frankfurt Book Fair and Kunstverein—Bielefeld and Kiel (October). Her work ‘A Pack of Black Wolves’ is included in A Story about an Ordinary Polka-dot Dress: Short Fiction by Korean Women Writers published in German in 2004.