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이승우 단편집: 미궁에 대한 추측

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Original Title
이승우 단편집: 미궁에 대한 추측
Title Romanization
Iseungu danpyeonjip: migunge daehan chucheuk
English Title(Printed)
A Conjecture Regarding Labyrinth

literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 20th century > Short Story

Lee Seung-U
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  • Lee Seung-U
  • Birth : 1959 ~ -
  • Occupation : Novelist
  • First Name : Seung-U
  • Family Name : Lee
  • Korean Name : 이승우
  • ISNI : 000000045302126X
  • Works : 29
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  • Korean(한국어)
  • English(English)

2018년에 출간된 이승우의 네 번째 단편소설집이다. 표제작인 <미궁에 대한 추측>을 포함하여 8편의 단편소설이 수록되어 있다. 신화, 역사, 예술을 통해 시대에 드리웠던 권력의 문제를 신중하게 다루고 있다는 평가를 받는다.

Published in 2018, this fourth short story collection by Lee Seung-u introduces eight of his stories including the title story “A Conjecture Regarding Labyrinth.” In the stories, the writer deals with the problems of power, corruption, and oppression by exploring the themes of myth, history, and art.    

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  • German(Deutsch) Book Available
    Vermutungen über das Labyrinth
    Lee Seung-u / Lee Seung-u / 2005 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 20th century > Short Story