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So Far, and Yet So Near : Volume 058

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    Republic of Korea
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    Literature - Korean literature - Contemporary fiction


<So Far, and Yet So Near-Lee Ki-ho> Asia Publishers presents some of the very best modern Korean literature to readers worldwide through its new Korean literature series <Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature>. We are proud and happy to offer it in the most authoritative translation by renowned translators of Korean literature. We hope that this series helps to build solid bridges between citizens of the world and Koreans through a rich in-depth understanding of Korea. <Part of the story> After I saw that entry, I began to vaguely wonder if maybe Uncle hadn't abandoned the Pride in front of our house. That maybe, he was returning it. At that time, Grandmother was definitely living with us so maybe, just maybe... But that thought sometimes brought with it slightly more frightening thoughts and it wasn't just me, but Grandmother who thought them too. Whenever Grandmother saw the Pride she'd ask me, "Hey, hey. The car isn't dead, right?" And whenever Grandmother asked me this I'd tell her that the real problem was that it was still running too well. "Hey, hey. Make sure you take good care of it, okay? Make sure you keep it well fed until your uncle gets back." As she said this, she'd hand me a crumpled 10,000 won bill. I took the money from her and asked, "What about me? You'll give the car allowance but not your own grandson?"Grandmother never replied.



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