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2011 Literary Events in Australia with Korean Poets : Author Park Ra Yeon Introductory Booklet

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2011 Literary Events in Australia with Korean Poets : Author Park Ra Yeon Introductory Booklet
2011 Literary Events in Australia with Korean Poets, Park Ra Yeon, “Of Sympathy,” “Too Late Thought,” “Princess Pyeonggang Living In Seoul”
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This is an introductory material on poet Park Ra Yeon, produced for the 2011 Literary Event in Australia with Korean Poets. On August 28, Park Ra Yeon participated in the small poetry reading and discussion event held at the Red Room Poetry’s Clubhouse. On August 30, he participated in a lecture on the “Trend of Korean Poetry” and held a discussion with the members of a local literary society at the Chinese restaurant Yonggung in Sydney. He also participated in the Melbourne Writers Festival on September 3 and read his works in front of an audience of about 90 people at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. On September 4, Park recited his works, which was broadcast by 3RRR Radio. The 13-page information booklet consists of three sections: “About the Author,” “About the Works,” and “Excerpts.” It includes Park’s poems such as “Of Sympathy,” “Too Late Thought,” and “Princess Pyeonggang Living In Seoul.”

2011 한국 시인 호주 문학행사를 위해 제작한 시인 박라연의 작가소개자료이다. 박라연 시인은 8월 28일 시드니 레드룸 포이트리 컴퍼니 클럽하우스에서 열린 소규모 낭독 및 토론에 참여했다. 또한 8월 30일 시드니 중식당 용궁 내에서 ‘한국의 시작 경향’에 대한 강연에 참여하여 현지 문학회 회원들과의 토론을 진행했다. 멜번 작가축제에도 참가하여 9월 3일 멜번 Wheeler Centre에서 축제 관객 약 80인 앞에서 작품 낭독의 시간을 가졌다. 또한 9월 4일 3 RRR Radio 방송용 낭독회에서 작품을 낭독했다. 자료집은 총 13 페이지로 구성되어있으며, ‘작가소개’와 ‘작품소개’, ‘작품발췌’로 구성되어있다. 작품 <동병상련의(Of Sympathy)>, <너무 늦은 생각(Too Late Thought)>, <서울에 사는 평강공주(Princess Pyeonggang Living In Seoul)> 등이 수록되어있다.