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2012 Literary Events in Australia with Korean Poets : Author Shin Yong-mok Introductory Booklet

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2012 Literary Events in Australia with Korean Poets : Author Shin Yong-mok Introductory Booklet
2012 Literary Events in Australia with Korean Poets, Shin Yong-mok, “A Dangerous Bibliography,” “A Tank Lorry,” “Autumn in the Enemy’s Land”
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This is an introductory material on poet Shin Yong-mok, produced for the 2012 Literary Event in Australia with Korean Poets. On August 29, Shin Yong-mok recited his poems and talked about his oeuvre at the poetry reading and reception held in the multipurpose hall of the Korean Cultural Center AU in Sidney, which was attended by over 80 people. On September 3, he also gave a general lecture on the history of Korean literature and read his works at Asialink in Melbourne. The event was attended by various people in the literary and cultural industries in Melbourne in addition to Australian poets, and broad discussions on the Korea-Australia exchange took place. The 25-page information booklet consists of two sections: “About the Author” and “About the Works.” It includes Shin’s poems such as “A Dangerous Bibliography,” “A Tank Lorry,” and “Autumn in the Enemy’s Land.”

2012 한국 시인 호주 문학행사를 위해 제작한 시인 신용목의 작가소개자료이다. 신용목 시인은 8월 29일 주시드니한국문화원 다목적홀에서 진행된 낭송회 및 리셉션에서 호주 한인문학협회 및 문인협회 회원 등 80여명을 대상으로 시를 낭송하고 작품세계에 대한 이야기를 나누었다. 또한 9월 3일 멜번 아시아링크(Asialink)에서 최근 한국 문단의 작품 경향에 대한 설명과 함께 작품 낭독을 진행하였다. 이 행사에는 호주 시인 외에도 멜번의 다양한 문학·문화 관계자가 참가하여 한-호주 교류에 대한 폭넓은 논의가 이루어졌다. 자료집은 총 25 페이지로 구성되어있으며, ‘작가소개’와 ‘작품소개’로 구성되어있다. 작품 <위험한 書誌(A Dangerous Bibliography)>, <탱크로리(A Tank Lorry)>, <敵國의 가을(Autumn in the Enemy’s Land> 등이 수록되어있다.