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  • 현남 오빠에게
    현남 오빠에게

    Hyeonnam oppaege

    Korean(한국어) Printed/Published Work

    Cho Nam-ju et al / 조남주 et al / 2017 / -

    Published in 2017, this feminist-themed short story collection contains works by seven female authors, including “To My Brother Hyeonnam” by Cho Nam-ju, “Your Peace” by Choi Eunyoung, “Gyeongnyeon” by Kim Yi-seol, and “The Child of Mars” by Kim Seong Joong. Featuring works by women writers who have strived consistently over the years to have their voices heard, the collection is a meaningful indication of how issues of gender-based violence and discrimination have emerged in Korean society as an important topic of public discourse. In these short stories, the authors offer a subtle and precise perspective on the dangers that threaten women’s realities.

  • 나의 할머니에게
    나의 할머니에게

    Naui halmeoniege

    Korean(한국어) Printed/Published Work

    Yoon Sung-hee et al / 윤성희 et al / 2020 / KDC구분 > literature > Korean Literature > Complete Collection > Library > Complete Collection & Library (more than 2 writers)

  • 사라지는 건 여자들뿐이거든요
    사라지는 건 여자들뿐이거든요

    Sarajineun geon yeojadeulppunigeodeuny

    Korean(한국어) Printed/Published Work

    Kang hwa gil et al / 강화길 et al / 2020 / -

  • 디어 랄프 로렌
    디어 랄프 로렌

    Dieo ralpeu roren

    Korean(한국어) Printed/Published Work

    Son BO-MI / 손보미 / 2017 / -

  • 작은 동네
    작은 동네

    jageun dongne

    Korean(한국어) Printed/Published Work

    Son BO-MI / 손보미 / 2020 / -