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Ahn Byounghyun(안병현)

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Ahn Byounghyun
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Byounghyun Ahn
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Ahn Byounghyun is a South Korean picture-book writer. He has worked on various drawings, including webtoons and illustrations. Currently he writes books with an interest in illustrations and stories that both children and adults can relate to. 

l  Picture book Eorini maeum situn (어린이 마음 시툰 Poems and Cartoons about Children’s Hearts) (2019)

l  Picture book Mannareo ganeun gil (만나러 가는 길 On the Way to Meet You) (2014)

안병현은 한국의 그림동화작가다. 작가는  웹툰과 일러스트 등 다양한 그림작업을 하다가. 어린이와 어른이 공감할 수 있는 이야기와 그림에 관심을 갖고 책을 발표하고 있다.  


创作集《童心诗漫画》(《어린이 마음 시툰》,2019)、《赴约的路上》(《만나러 가는 길》,2014)

Original Works1

  • Korean(한국어) Printed/Published Work
    만나러 가는 길

    Mannareo ganeun gil

    Ahn Byounghyun / 안병현 / 2014

E-books & Audiobooks2

  • French(Français) E-books
    Le chemin à ta rencontre
    Ahn Byounghyun et al / 안병현 / 2010 / KDC구분 > literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century
  • English(English) E-books
    On the Way to Meet You
    Ahn Byounghyun et al / 안병현 / 2013 / KDC구분 > literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century