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  • Broken Strings
    Broken Strings
    English(English) Ebook

    Kang Kyung-ae et al / 강경애 / 2013 / KDC구분 > literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 20th century > 1910-1945

    Kang Kyung-ae was a leading writer, feminist, and labor activist during the Japanese colonial period in Korea. Kang’s first work, “Broken Strings,” reveals the concerns and inclinations that would come to characterize her writing. The main character Hyeong-cheol stands at a crossroads: take the well-trodden path down which his future is guaranteed, or stand with the masses and fight society. After agonizing over this choice, he throws everything away and leaves for Manchuria. With its cast of characters who sacrifice their youth in Gando to devote themselves to the people’s struggle, this story demonstrates Kang’s sense of duty as a writer who wanted to change the world.

  • Mother and Child
    Mother and Child
    English(English) Ebook

    Kang Kyung-ae et al / 강경애 / 2014 / -

    Kang Kyung-ae (1906 – 1944) was a leading writer, feminist, and labor activist during the colonial era. After publishing her short story “Broken Strings” in the Chosun Ilbo newspaper in 1931, she migrated to Gando, a.k.a. Jiandao in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northern China. As a result, much of her writing dealt with the local communist movement and anti-Japanese resistance fighters. By depicting the poverty experienced by ethnic Koreans living in Gando, Kang’s works exposed the dark side of colonialism while giving voice to the resistance.  

  • The Rainy Spell and Other Korean Stories
    The Rainy Spell and Other Korean Stories
    English(English) Ebook

    Yi Kwang-Su et al / 이광수 et al / 2015 / KDC구분 > literature > Korean Literature > Complete Collection > Library > Complete Collection & Library (more than 2 writers)

    This anthology of short stories reflects the writers' shared core experience of Korea's trajectory from an inward-looking feudal state, through Japanese colony and battle-ground for the Korean War, to a modernizing society. Three stories have been added to the original edition. Source: https://lti.overdrive.com/media/4123934?cid=37224

  • The Underground Village
    The Underground Village
    English(English) Ebook

    Kang Kyung-ae et al / 강경애 / 2018 / -

    Kang Kyeong-ae (1906-1944), one of Korea's great modern authors, wrote her stories during the Japanese occupation of Korea. Kang's work is remarkable for its rejection of colonialism, patriarchy, and ethnic nationalism during a period when such views were truly radical and dangerous. With an expert commentary by Sang-kyung Lee and beautifully translated by Anton Hur, this collection of Kang's work displays her sensitivity, defiance, class-consciousness, and deep understanding of the oppressed people she wrote about. source: https://lti.overdrive.com/media/10294773?cid=37224