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  • Weiße Nacht
    German(Deutsch) AudioBook

    Bae SuAh / 배수아 / 2021 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

    Die 28-jährige Ayami ist Assistentin im einzigen Hörtheater von Seoul, nun wird es für immer geschlossen. Ohne eine Vorstellung davon zu haben, wie ihr Leben künftig aussehen soll, streift sie bis spät in die Nacht mit dem Theaterdirektor durch die Straßen der Stadt, sie suchen nach einer gemeinsamen verschollenen Freundin und sprechen über Lyrik, Teilzeitjobs und die Vergeblichkeit von Liebe. Am nächsten Tag verdingt sie sich als Dolmetscherin eines gerade angereisten Krimiautors, sie sprechen über Literatur, Fotografie und die Vergeblichkeit, in den Norden zu reisen. Und während die Sommerhitze Seoul in einen Tempel betäubender Mattigkeit verwandelt, hält allmählich die Vergangenheit Einzug und lässt die Grenzen zwischen Wirklichkeit und Traum zerfließen. Weiße Nacht ist ein flirrender Fiebertraum, in dem wir in eine Welt eintauchen, die unter dem Sichtbaren liegt. Eine Welt, in der mehrere Versionen unserer selbst gleichzeitig existieren und die von Schönheit und Güte und Abgründigem bewohnt ist.

  • Untold Night and Day
    English(English) Ebook

    Bae SuAh / 배수아 / 2020 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

    A seductive, disorienting novel that manipulates the fragile line between dreams and reality, by South Korea's leading contemporary writer A startling and boundary-pushing novel, Untold Night and Day tells the story of a young woman's journey through Seoul over the course of a night and a day. It's 28-year-old Ayami's final day at her box-office job in Seoul's audio theater. Her night is spent walking the sweltering streets of the city with her former boss in search of Yeoni, their missing elderly friend, and her day is spent looking after a mysterious, visiting poet. Their conversations take in art, love, food, and the inaccessible country to the north. Almost immediately, in the heat of Seoul at the height of the summer, order gives way to chaos as the edges of reality start to fray, with Ayami becoming an unwitting escort into a fever-dream of increasingly tangled threads, all the while images of the characters' overlapping realities repeat, collide, change, and reassert themselves in this masterful work that upends the very structure of fiction and narrative storytelling and burns itself upon the soul of the reader. By one of the boldest and most innovative voices in contemporary Korean literature, and brilliantly realized in English by International Man Booker­–winning translator Deborah Smith, Bae Suah's hypnotic and wholly original novel asks whether more than one version of ourselves can exist at once, demonstrating the malleable nature of reality as we know it.

  • Untold Night and Day
    English(English) Ebook

    Bae Su-ah / 배수아 / 2020 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

    A hypnotic, disorienting story of parallel lives unfolding over a day and a night in the sweltering heat of Seoul's summer For two years, twenty-eight-year-old Kim Ayami has worked at Seoul's only audio theatre for the blind. But now the theatre is shutting down and Ayami's future is uncertain. Her last shift completed and the theatre closed for good, Ayami walks the streets of the city with her former boss late into the night. Together they search for a mutual friend who has disappeared. The following day, at the request of that same friend, Ayami acts as a guide for a detective novelist visiting from abroad. But in the inescapable, all-consuming heat of Seoul at the height of the summer, order gives way to chaos, the edges of reality start to fray, and the past intrudes on the present in increasingly disruptive ways. Blisteringly original, Untold Night and Day is a high-wire feat of storytelling that explores the possibility of worlds beyond the one we see and feel – and shows why Bae Suah is considered one of the boldest voices in Korean literature today.

  • Recitation
    English(English) Ebook

    Suah Bae / 배수아 / 2017 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

    The meeting between a group of emigrants and a mysterious, wandering actress in an empty train station sets the stage for Bae Suah's fragmentary yet lyrical meditation on language, travel, and memory. As the actress recounts the fascinating story of her stateless existence, an unreliable narrator and the interruptions of her audience challenge traditional notions of storytelling and identity.

  • A Greater Music
    English(English) Ebook

    Bae SuAh / 배수아 / 2016 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

    Near the beginning of A Greater Music, the narrator, a young Korean writer, falls into an icy river in the Berlin suburbs, where she's been housesitting for her on-off boyfriend Joachim. This sets into motion a series of memories about life in Berlin, about literature, language, music, and the tragic love affair she with her female German teacher named M.   Source: http://lti.lib.overdrive.com/F7BAFF2D-BDD1-46F5-97D1-DFD02DB31558/10/50/en/ContentDetails.htm?id=AC8D3D9C-3F13-4E15-AECC-B7BF4006441E

  • Cheolsu
    English(English) Ebook

    Suah Bae / 배수아 / 2014 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 20th century

  • Inscrutable Nights and Days
    English(English) Ebook

    Suah Bae / 배수아 / 2013 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

  • North Station
    English(English) Ebook

    Suah Bae / 배수아 / 2000 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century

    "Bae dissolves conventional ¬linear narrative, as though it were impossible for cause and effect to exist concurrently with such repression." —Joanna Walsh, The National   A writer struggles to come to terms with the death of her beloved mentor; the staging of an experimental play goes awry; time freezes for two lovers on a platform, waiting for the train that will take one of them away; a woman living in a foreign country discovers she has been issued the wrong ID.   Emotionally haunting and intellectually stimulating, the seven stories in North Station represent the range and power of Bae Suah's distinctive voice and style, which delights in digressions, multiple storylines, and sudden ruptures of societal norms. Heavily influenced by the German authors she's read and translated, Bae's stories combine elements of Korean and European storytelling in a way that's unforgettable and mesmerizing.   Bae Suah, one of the most highly acclaimed contemporary Korean authors, has published more than a dozen short story collections and novels, and has won a number of prestigious awards. She has also translated several books from the German, including works by W. G. Sebald, Franz Kafka, and Jenny Erpenbeck. Her novel Nowhere to Be Found was longlisted for the PEN Translation Prize and the Best Translated Book Awards.   Deborah Smith has translated two other books by Bae (Recitation and A Greater Music) and won the Man Booker International Prize for her translation of Han Kang's The Vegetarian. She is the founder of Tilted Axis Press.