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  • Novel Reading II
    Korean(한국어) Video

    2021-10-08 / II00000843

    A total of 33 participating writers (17 from Korea and 16 from abroad) of the 2021 2021 Seoul International Writers’ Festival read selected excerpts from their own works. The 8 videos are divided into 5 novel readings and 3 poetry readings. From Korea, Jaesik Kwak, Kim Kichang, Kim Soom, Kim Yeonsu, Kim Jung Mi, Yun Ko-eun, Lee Miye, Yi Hyunseok, Lee hee young, Ch’oe Yun, Choi Jin-Young, Han Kang, Koh Jaejong, Sin Yongmok, An Hee-Yeon, Yu Gyeyoung, Lee Soyoun took part with their international counterparts, including Ge Shuiping, David Grossman, Mariana Enriquez, Maja Lunde, Max Porter, Matt Ruff, Vanessa Springora, Siri Ranva Hjelm Jacobsen, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Ken Liu, Trent Dalton, Nouri Al-Jarrah, Rim Battal, Seán Hewitt, Amanda Chong, Jan Wagner.

  • 2022 Seoul International Writers’ Festival Highlights Video
    Korean(한국어) Video

    2022-09-23 / II00001037

    This is the video of highlights of the 2022 Seoul International Writers’ Festival, containing major scenes from the festival, which was held from September 23 to 30.

  • 2022 Seoul International Writers’ Festival One-on-One: An Ever-speeding World
    Korean(한국어) Video

    2022-09-24 / II00001045

    These are videos of “One on One” sessions of the Seoul International Writers’ Festival held at Community House Masil from September 24 to September 29. Writers Kim Bo-Young and Yoon Ha Lee participated in “Letters from the Future”; Kang Hwa Gil and Murata Sayaka, in “Between Fear and Fascination”; Kim Un-su and Megha Majumdar, in “A Door That Opens Out of the Map”; Ha Seong-nan and Samanta Schweblin, in “Narrative Beyond Narrative”; Yi Won and Sasha Dugdale, in “Moments and Eternity”; and Lim Chul-Woo and Karina Sainz Borgo, in “The Valley of History and Prayer of Silence.”

  • 2022 Korean Literature Global Review Contest: Promotional Video
    English(English) Video

    2022-06-20 / II00001175

    The 2022 Korean Literature Global Review Contest was held from June 20 (Mon) to September 15 (Fri), 2022, for non-Korean readers. The contest consisted of three categories (book report, drawing, and video). The languages designated for the book report category were English, French, and Spanish; for the drawing and video categories, all languages except Korean. Five books that had been translated into multiple languages were chosen to be reviewed—Kim Un-su’s The Plotters, Sohn Won-pyung’s Almond, Hwang Sun-mi’s The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, Jeong You Jeong’s The Good Son, and Cho Nam-ju’s Kim Ji-young, Born 1982. A total of 13 countries participated in the contest, and over 1,100 entries were submitted, which reflected the huge interest of foreign readers in Korean literature. This is a one-minute-eight-second-long promotional video for the 2022 Korean Literature Global Review Contest, featuring the popular K-Pop group VICTON, that shows the charm of Korean literature to the fans of the Korean Wave.