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푸른 수염의 첫 번째 아내

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Original Title
푸른 수염의 첫 번째 아내
Title Romanization
Pureun suyeomui cheon beonjjae anae
English Title(Printed)
Bluebeard’s First Wife

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Ha Seong-nan
Published Year
Main Characters
The miserable life; real-life problems

About the Author

  • Ha Seong-nan
  • Birth : 1967 ~ -
  • Occupation : Novelist
  • First Name : Seong-nan
  • Family Name : Ha
  • Korean Name : 하성란
  • ISNI : 0000000084812321
  • Works : 10
Descriptions(Languages 2)
  • Korean(한국어)
  • English(English)

2002년에 출간된 하성란의 소설집이다. 표제작을 비롯하여 <별 모양의 얼룩>, <오, 아버지>, <와이셔츠>, <저 푸른 초원 위에>, <새끼손가락>등 모두 11편의 작품이 수록되어 있다. 작가는 초기 작품에서 보여주었던 세밀한 묘사보다는 상징과 이미지에 집중하여 이야기를 만들었다. 특히 이번 소설집에서 문장의 스타일이 달라졌지만 사회적인 문제와 비참한 삶에 대한 관심은 여전히 작가의 중요한 주제임을 알 수 있다.

This collection of short stories by Ha Seong-nan was published in 2002. It contains eleven works in total, including “A Star-Shaped Stain,” “Oh, Father,” “White Shirt,” “On That Green Meadow,” “Pinky Finger,” and the title story. In a departure from her earlier work, the author focuses on symbol and imagery rather than detailed description to propel the narrative. Despite this change in her prose style, the author retains an interest in social issues – and in particular the miserable life – in this collection of short stories.

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  • English(English) Book
    Bluebeard's First Wife
    Ha Seong-nan / Ha Seong-nan / 2020 / literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 21st century > Short Story