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    • Spain

    Spain-Korea Tribune

    2004/03/16 to 2004/03/18
    The second Spain-Korea Tribune took place in Barcelona on 30 June and 1 July 2005, and was devoted to the analysis of all possible areas of co-operation: cultural, artistic, economic, educational, sectorial, technological, and parliamentary co-operation, as well as international relations and...
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    • Italy

    Forum : Korea-Italy

    2004/10/20 to 2004/10/21
    To celebrate the 120 anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Italy, Ca' Foscari University of Venice was held the 1st Korea Italy poetry forum.
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    • Sweden

    The Poetic World of Ko Un - Stockholm University, Sweden

    A Scandinavian View of Ko Un’s Poerty (1) Jesper R. Matsumoto Mulbjerg Conference on ‘The Poetic World of Ko Un’ / 8 May 2003 / Stockholm University, Sweden * Paper about the Korean poet Ko Un This paper was first presented at the seminar, The Poetic World of Ko Un , at Stockholm University May the...
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    • Sweden

    Interview with the Editor of KARAVAN

    2003/11/09 to 2003/11/10
    About the Asian literature and Latin American literature focused on Sweden and in quarterly magazine Literary Magazine of karavan Birgitta valine (Birgitta Wallin) editor to visit Korea November 9 to 13 writers and Korea had relayed the interview. In 1999 the (former) South Korea Literature...
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    • Germany

    Berlin International Literature Festival

    2003/09/10 to 2003/09/16
    Since 2001 the International Literature Festival takes place every year in September in Berlin. It focuses on the development of international prose and lyric poetry. During the ten-days festival writers from all over the world are coming to Berlin to present their work to a literaturefans. All...
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    • Czech

    Prague Writers' Festival

    2002/04/21 to 2002/04/25
    The Prague Writers' Festival is an internationally acknowledged social occasion for great thinkers and eager readers to share important philosophical ideas. The festival takes place annually in springtime in Prague. In 2005 it had its second brief appearance in Vienna, and it has aspirations to...
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    Ko Un*

    1933 ~
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  • أمـاكـن خـالـدة

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    يأتى ديوان أماكن خالدة ليعبر عن رغبة الشاعر القوية المخلصة فى توحيد شطرى كوريا ولهذا فهو مهتم جدا بإبراز الشخصية التاريخية للشعب الكورى بعيدا عن التقسيم الذى شطر وطنه إلى نصفين شمالى وجنوبى – أو جرح...
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