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    • China

    LTI Korea: China Forum

    2012/08/30 to 2012/09/01
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    • Spain

    LTI Korea: Spain Forum

    2011/05/16 to 2011/05/19
    The LTI Korea Spain Forum was held for three days from May 16 to 19 in Madrid and Málaga. The theme of the forum was “The Reception and Prospects of Korean Literature in Spain” and it was the first that LTI Korea has hosted in Spain. The event included seminars at which authors, translators, and...
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    • Jordan

    Jordan Literature Exchange Program

    2008/11/11 to 2008/11/16
    In order to promote literary exchanges between Korea and Jordan, LTI Korea organized a literary event on November 13 in Amman at the University of Jordan. The poet Jung Heesung and novelists Ha Seong-nan and Kim Aeran read excerpts from their books and talked with 200 students from the Korean...
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    Kim Ae-ran *

    1980 ~
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