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    • Sweden

    Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties between Korea and Sweden

    2009/09/18 to 2009/09/25
    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Sweden, LTI Korea held book readings for Korean literature from September 18 to 25 in Stockholm and Göteborg. Writers Yi Mun-yeol and Yun Heunggil, whose works were published in Swedish, and Chun Yang-hee, the most widely...
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    • Germany

    Literature Festival in 5 cities of Germany

    2008/10/13 to 2008/10/21
    Reading event of Lee Mun-yol's <Hail to the Emperor!>
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    • Turkey

    50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties between Korea and Turkey

    2007/10/26 to 2007/11/03
    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Korea-Turkey Treaty of Amity, various literary events took place in both countries. At the International Istanbul Beyoglu Poetry Festival (May 12 to 19), the poets Chong Hyon-jong and Ra Hee-duk participated. At the Istanbul Book Fair (October 26 to November...
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    • Germany

    Leipzig Liest Literary Festival

    2005/03/14 to 2005/03/20
    The Leipzig Book Fair ( German : Leipziger Buchmesse) is the second largest book fair in Germany after the Frankfurt Book Fair . The fair takes place annually over four days at the Leipzig Trade Fairground in the northern part of Leipzig , Saxony . It is the first large trade meeting of the year...
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    • Spain

    Celebration Of The Publication Of Lee Mun Yeol

    2002/09/22 to 2002/09/25
    • Writer

    Yi Mun-yol*

    1948 ~
    / First Name:
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    / ISNI:

    United Kingdom
    / / /
    / Literature - Korean literature - Contemporary fiction
    A fictionalized biography of Kim Pyongyon, a 19th Century South Korean singing poet who had to bear the sins of his fathers. The family was disgraced by a grandfather who surrendered in a war, they...


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