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    • United Kingdom

    The London Book Fair

    2014/04/07 to 2014/04/11
    This year’s London Book Fair, held from April 8-10 at Earls Court, was an exciting occasion for the Korean publishing and literary community, with Korea being showcased as the Market Focus country for 2014. The London Book Fair Korea Market Focus programme consisted broadly of two different types:...
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    • Mexico

    The Guadalajara International Book Fair

    2013/11/30 to 2013/12/04
    LTI Korea attended the Guadalajara International Book Festival in Mexico, the largest book fair in the Spanish-speaking world, from November 30th to December 4th. LTI Korea has attended this book fair since 2006, held Korea literary events, and actively promoted Korean literature translation and...
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    • USA

    Sejong Cultural Society Overseas Residency Program

    2013/03/08 to 2013/03/11
    Te Overseas Residency Program for Korean Writers initially began in 2003 to support overseas literary exchange for Korean writers. Tis program continued this year, taking place at fve institutions in four countries. Trough the residency program, fve writers were selected and placed with foreign...
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    • China

    LTI Korea: China Forum

    2012/08/30 to 2012/09/01
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    • United Arab Emirates

    Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

    2011/03/14 to 2011/03/19
    LTI Korea participated in the 21nd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair held from March 14th to 19th. Korea being the Market Focus invitee of the year, the Institute fully embraced the opportunity to promote Korean literature and publishing as well as hosting a Korean literature seminar entitled “...
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    • Germany

    LTI Korea: The Germany Forum

    2011/10/15 to 2011/10/20
    The LTI Korea Germany Forum was held on October 17 in Dresden, Saxony. Hosted at the Societaetstheater in the old center of Dresden, “the Firenze of Germany,” the forum discussed localization strategies and translating Korean literature as a means of cultural diplomacy. Korean authors Yi Mun-yol,...
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    LTI Korea: Scandinavia Forum

    2010/06/07 to 2010/06/18
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    • Sweden

    Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties between Korea and Sweden

    2009/09/18 to 2009/09/25
    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Sweden, LTI Korea held book readings for Korean literature from September 18 to 25 in Stockholm and Göteborg. Writers Yi Mun-yeol and Yun Heunggil, whose works were published in Swedish, and Chun Yang-hee, the most widely...