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    • Russia

    Korea-Russia Literary Event

    2009/10/21 to 2009/10/29
    "A meeting of Korean-Russian writers" was held on October 23, 2009, in Moscow, Russia, to promote writers' exchanges between Korea and Russia, and cooperation in the field of literature. The event was attended by eight literary figures, including Shin Kyung Sook, Eun Hee Kyung, Lee Tae Soo, Moon...
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    • Thailand

    50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties between Korea and Thailand

    2008/09/03 to 2008/09/05
    To celebrate fifty years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Thailand, numerous events on Korean literature were held from September 3 to 5 in Thailand. For these events, novelists Shin Kyung-sook, Eun Hee-kyung, and Jeon Sung Tae whose works were translated and included in Collection of...
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    • China

    Literature Event for Anniversary of Korea-China Diplomatic Relations

    2007/08/29 to 2007/09/02
    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Korea-China Treaty of Amity, a literary exchange program was held during the Beijing International Book Fair (August 29 to September 2). Park Wan-so, Shin Kyong-suk, and Eun Hee-kyung participated and drew attention from the local news media and audience...
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    • Spain

    Spain-Korea Tribune

    2004/03/16 to 2004/03/18
    The second Spain-Korea Tribune took place in Barcelona on 30 June and 1 July 2005, and was devoted to the analysis of all possible areas of co-operation: cultural, artistic, economic, educational, sectorial, technological, and parliamentary co-operation, as well as international relations and...
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    Kyung-sook Shin*

    1963 ~
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  • أرجوك اعتن بأمي

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