LTI Korea has signed the Hub Library Members Program agreement with 37 academic and research institutes in 24 countries, as of November 2014. The Program will prove crucial in promoting Korean culture and developing Korean studies programs at academic institutions by establishing a global network with institutions across the world.


The Program provides necessary materials to the Hub Library Members such as works of Korean literature translated into various languages and bibliographic data of Korean literature in translation.

Support contents

  1. Build collections through donation of translated books with focus on Korean literature
  2. Continue to provide information on bibliography of Korean literature in translation
  3. Provide support with books when events regarding Korean literature are held

Members' obligations

  1. Make efforts to promote Korean literature in translation
  2. Loan translated works of Korean literature to neighboring libraries through inter-library loan services
  3. Submit annual reports on the utilization of donated books.

* Report on how to use donated books 

  We conduct annual surveys to check how member institutions utilize the books we donate to them. The report format can vary from reports to pictures and from event planning materials to lecture materials. The reports help us in providing members with appropriate books and information depending upon the details in the report including the library circulation rate and so on.

Appliction period

Applications are reviewed and approved biannually, in the first and second half of the year.  

Application process

  1. The membership application is submitted.
  2. The application is reviewed and, once approved, the membership certificate is issued.
  3. The details and nature of support is finalized through discussions with the applicant.


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