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Sky nest : poems

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    Edison, NJ
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    Literature - English and American literatures - Poetry


Sky Nest is not a work in Korean, but it is very much a Korean work. Jongyoll Choi lived in the United States for fewer than two years and published just this slender volume of poetry in English. Choi has also published a Korean collection entitled A Bullfighter Leans on the Morning Sunshine, and has translated several Korean works into English. But Sky Nest is a landmark work. Interesting as verse it is also intriguing as an opportunity to see poetry that is only “partly translated” from Korean to English. Choi’s work is excellent Korean poetry at the same time it is excellent English poetry. It addresses issues, uses images, and features poetic devices that are common to both languages but which rarely completely, or largely, survive translation. Choi’s ability to render Korean tropes and literary devices into English as an integral part of his writing process is extremely rare and this renders his poetry valuable for the artistic insight it can bring to English readers.



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