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A Chain of Dark Tales


A Chain of Dark Tales contains forty-five short stories. The phrase that most accurately describes this book would be The Great Quilt, a panoramic quilt with all possible, even impossible, thoughts and images and situations. Its as if he has laid out forty-five patches of unique materials, patterns, and colors in a public square and then calmly weaves them together, while anyone watching him would be at a lost for words to respond to his defiance of conventional expectations. But, nonetheless, no one would dare question or even think of stopping him, since Jung is too sincere in his childlike innocence, and they would also have to admit that what Jung is trying to say touches them deeply. Even though the books title seems to give us an idea of what kind of book it is and even though his stories contain dark, unstable, and unrealistic characters, these short stories do not wallow in darkness, despair, or negativity. Actually, the stories are often comically bizarre, even in dire situations.

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