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The Unforgotten War


But then, old wars never end. They simply fade away as old soldiers die off. One by one. Thus laments the veteran of the celebrated Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. The Korean War (June 1950 July 1953) is the first war that came to be known as the The Forgotten War . As the last veterans of that war fade away, it can be said that the war is coming to a closure. The Unforgotten War depicts the unsung heroes of that war.
Two Texan youths, with a romantic notion of war, eagerly volunteer to serve as marines in the Korean War. They are quickly disabused of their illusion and one of them dies on their march from the Chosin Reservoir. But the surviving youth comes to realize why American soldiers fight in the strange land far from home. A veteran sergeant points at the Korean refugees who follow the retreating US marines despite the bitter cold and snowstorm.

Sergeant Duffey: John, have you ever wondered why we are fighting in this god-forsaken land?
John: Yes, Sir. Many times. But, frankly, I can t find the answer. I just fight. Because that s what I m supposed to do.
Duffey: Now you are seeing the answer, John. These refugees on the road in this weather, they are the answer. They are voting for us with their feet ... Think on that.


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