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Distant Valleys


The poems of the early twentieth-century poet Chong Chi-yong breathe the air of the village, sea and mountains of the Korean peninsula. Fresh, concise, and rich in subtle, down-to-earth imagery, they brim with human affection and love of life. They have their source in childlike wonder, closeness to nature, and affection for one's fellow human beings; and they invite us to savor truths implicit in the heart's endless longing. With a Korean fondness for playful humor and beauty rooted in the commonplace, they draw us into picturesque local scenes whose horizons, nonetheless, know no bounds.'s%20fellow%20human%20beings%3B%20and%20they%20invite%20us%20to%20savor%20truths%20implicit%20in%20the%20heart's%20endless%20longing.%20With%20a%20Korean%20fondness%20for%20playful%20humor%20and%20beauty%20rooted%20in%20the%20commonplace%2C%20they%20draw%20us%20into%20picturesque%20local%20scenes%20whose%20horizons%2C%20nonetheless%2C%20know%20no%20bounds.

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