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The Guadalajara International Book Fair


LTI Korea attended the Guadalajara International Book Festival in Mexico, the largest book fair in the Spanish-speaking world, from November 30th to December 4th. LTI Korea has attended this book fair since 2006, held Korea literary events, and actively promoted Korean literature translation and publication. This year we presented Yi Mun-yol’s novels The Bird with Golden Wings/The Song under A Fortress (El Pájaro de las alas de oro/Canto bajo una fortaleza) and Kim Ki-taek’s poetry collection The Chewing Gum (El chicle).
On the other hand, the picture book author Suzy Lee was invited by the Book Fair Organizing Committee and was a keynote speaker for FILustra and participated in the workshop FIL Niños making décalcomanie with the local children from the topic in the book Mirror
(Espejo). In addition, we held her autograph event meeting with the local readers and assured her huge popularity in South America.


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