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Han Musuk Colloquium

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 The 20th Hahn Moo-Sook Colloquium was held on October 13th at George Washington University, The theme of the event was "Generation: 100 Years of Korean Literature," where Professors Kim Yung-hee of the University of Hawaii, Choi Kyung-hee of the University of Chicago, Theodore Hughs of Columbia University, Lee Ji-Eun of Washington University in St. Louis, and Ryu Youngju of the University of Michigan all presented and participated throughout the day. Views on Korean literature were shared by three Korean writers, Oh Se-young, Oh jung-hui, and Yi Hye-kyung, and their thoughts invited scholarly discourse on the topics of Korean literature, which captured the attention of the forty person audience. The lively discussion conviced audience members to enthusiastically participate in the event without leaving. stretching the event from early morning until afternoon.