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LTI Korea: China Forum

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    Shandong Weihai
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    09/25/2011 to 09/28/2011
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This LTI Korea China Forum was held from September 26 to 27 at Shandong University at Weihai under the
theme of “Literary Activities of Writers and the World of Their Works in the Global Environment.” Dean Wu
Congju of Shangdong University s Humanities Department and Professor Hong Jeong-seon of Inha University
opened the forum, where Korean writers Kim Won-il and Kim Sa-in and Chinese writers Qiao Jian, Wang
Chunbo, Cui Xian-hao, and Chen Li-ping thrilled the 200-something audience with their opinions on writing global literature. Next translators Han Mei, Jin Hezhe, Li Xuetang, and Fan Weili spoke about their experiences and offered their thoughts on the future of Korean literature in China under the theme of “Translation and
Circulation of Korean Literature.”

This forum was particularly meaningful in that it was the first LTI Korea forum to be held in Shandong, which
has the most contact with Korea of all the provinces (previous forums were held in Beijing and Nanjing).

Shandong University at Weihai offers the ideal forum for Korean-Chinese literary exchange thanks to its Korean
Studies Center and prominent Korean Language department. Korean participants of the forum met the president
and editors of Shandong Literature and Art Publishing House and agreed to cooperate on publishing
Korean books in the future.


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