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LTI Korea: Spain Forum

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    Madrid, Malaga
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    05/16/2011 to 05/19/2011
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The LTI Korea Spain Forum was held for three days from May 16 to 19 in Madrid and Málaga. The theme of the
forum was “The Reception and Prospects of Korean Literature in Spain” and it was the first that LTI Korea has
hosted in Spain. The event included seminars at which authors, translators, and publishers discussed how to
improve Korean literature s local prospects, meetings between Korean authors and Spanish authors, and author

Former Spanish Ambassador to Korea, Juan Bautista Leña, CEO of Editorial Trotta Alejandro del Río Herrmann,

and poet and Editorial Hiperión founder Jesús Munárris participated in the May 16 forum held at the Círculo de
Bellas Artes, Madrid, where they discussed the current status of Korean literature in Spain and ways it could be
improved. At the May 18 forum held in Málaga were present Enrique Benítez Palma of the Andalusian government, Juan Jesús Zaro of the University of Málaga’s Department of Translating and Interpreting, and Fernando Cid Lucas of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where they discussed the translation and reception of Korean literature in Spain

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